The War The Final War
Even if my assumptions about God and Satan

are true, there is a very important question to ask.

Why fight at all???

Why can’t they just get along with each other?

In the beginning they could and did. But when we ate the 

forbidden fruit and learned to talk. And became talking and thinking monkeys.

We learned how to learn and how to keep learning.

We developed identities personalities, and for the start time

started to shape  our destinies.

We were no longer a herd animal with no destiny. 

No any longer like the ant, or the lion, or the monkey in a tree. 

We learned to structure our thoughts with abstraction and 

see beyond the veil of the physical.

Only Man ponders the universe and unravels its mysteries.

Only Man changes over time, cultural as well as biological

evolution. Only Man reflects on himself and flies to the moon.

When we shaped our destiny, we shaped theirs as well.

For the first time, the Gods Within us became concerned with us.

Once we developed culture and eventually would effect

world populations in a major way, they had a problem with us,

and with each other.

God wants populations with stronger left brain activity, 

especially over the right brain control. It makes him stronger.

Satan wants populations to reflect his strength.

And because they couldn’t agree, Satan rebelled.

The battle started.

And where the Battle Ground is, reveals a lot about them.

Think about it.

Suppose God was the way you were taught to think of him

Suppose he was all-powerful and all-knowing.

And you were able to talk to the Devil.

You, “Are you going to rebel?”

Satan, “Yep.”

You, “Isn’t God all-powerful?”

Satan, “Yep.”

You, “Are you all-powerful?”

Satan, “Nope.”

You, “What is the measure of something limited like you

measured against infinite power?”

Satan, “As 1 over infinity. Zero.”

You, “So you can’t win?”

Satan, “Nope!”

You, “He even knows everything. So he knew you

were coming before he created you. Knew your rebellion

before you were.”

Satan, “Yep.”

You, “And you pamper yourself, don’t you?

Always trying to please yourself?”

Satan, “Yep.”

You, “And you know God will burn you forever for this act?”

Satan, “Yep”

You, “are you really more intelligent than me?”

Satan, “To me, you’re less than an ant.”

You, “Still going to fight?”

Satan, “Yep!”

You, “Then you’re not smarter than me

because no one, NO ONE is as STUPID AS YOU.”

Satan, “Yep!”

And if they were the two most powerful forces in nature

then shouldn’t they be at least waging their wars by throwing

these around at each other?

Like these   

but they don’t why? Why this silly battle concerning us? Why should creatures capable of wiping out galaxies, have their preeminent struggle in the coliseum of human decisions? They fight over our souls? Isn’t that imbecile? Why do they care about whether we are good or bad with our lives? We know the true size of the universe today. We’re nothing. An average star on the edge of a mediocre galaxy. Making us nothing by size. Yet they hold their biggest fight inside us? Bull! They fight inside us because they live inside us. And this is what Satan is striving for, like any good loser. And if these ideas have any truth then it should be obvious that since God and Satan are fighting in us, then their inner invisible struggle should be seen on some surface level. Like certain populations with more left brained/weaker right brained having trouble with its opposite. Now look at today’s problems over the world. Look real hard at who is fighting. Not why they think they are, but why they really are. And realize that before we subdue Satan’s natural impulse in all of us towards hate, war, genocide, and suicide we have to realize what God has been trying to tell us all along, we are our own worst enemy today. Wasn’t always true, but today it is.