If you want to open up your  ESP abilities, try this.
 It doesn't work for everybody, but for some, after three 
or four months it does.

Practice visualizing different objects in different colors.
 Imagine walking on red water, seeing purple skies, 
yellow water, blue birds flying through green skies 
with orange clouds. 

Basically, practice the manipulation of colors in your mind. 
Colors are metaphysical objects and not physical, 
the real world of matter and energy which contains photons
 and colorless brains with colorless molecules 
in a dark confined cranium doesn't contain them.

Metaphysical reality contains colors. Its the same place 
where your soul lives,  where math meets physical reality, 
where the mind of the Holy Ghost lives. 
And between lives, its where you call home. 
Your real birthplace. A place of soul. Home.