ESP : And the mistakes they make in testing for it.

    Most people believe that if there were truly anything

 to ESP, science would have established its existence by now.

 To a certain degree they have. But conclusive proof seems to

 elude their testing. The big question is WHY???

    But there is a reason. And what I call, a wrong assumption

 on the testerís part. They neglected an assumption which, if true,

 would account for their dismal failure to come up conclusive


    This is what they overlooked. Emotions might have a strong influence

 on ESP. They neglected the emotional factor. A famous scientist in England 

demonstrated that pets knew when their masters were coming home. Proven beyond 

all statistical doubt.


 Pets have emotional bonds with their masters. Usually, a love bond.

 This might also account for why many people claim to have sensed

 when a loved one was in trouble. Why not all strangers? 

 Because the emotional bond is lacking!

 Why does ESP not give conclusive results.

 They test people with no emotional bonding!

 Major oversight!

 But how does ESP work or remote viewing for that matter.

 Even the military admits they had success with it.

 If you assume again, SPACE is information then information

 being sent through information is no problem.

 There is also another point. I discovered, at least for myself,
 that your soul compacts information. If there are three things
 it wants to tell you it will if it can, give you a symbol
 representing all three messages. You have to learn how to unravel
 your dream symbols. And how to tell the difference between a psychic
 dream and an ordinary one. But in time, its quite easy.

 If you get really good at it, you might even have dreams of deceased
friends and relatives. Sometimes they will tell you something you never 
could have guessed on your own. Ahh, that you can discount. And you will.

 Later, when you check the information out and each time the information 
is a bulleyes your skepticism will begin to fade. And you'll graduate from
the question 'does ESP really work?' to 'why and how does it work?' And the 
incredible realization that the dead are not really dead. 

 When you finally take this last step, when you realize that there is a real 
afterlife and that the dead can communicate with your soul, you'll begin to 
look beyond the physical universe. Wonder what is on the other side, how it
fits in with this physical reality. And what your true nature actually is, if
you can survive death and the lost of your physical body. And when you sense 
what you're truly are in some dreams, SOUL, SPIRIT, you will wonder more about
everything because science and magic just merged in your reality. And your 
curiosity will explode like a H-bomb with your understanding running to follow.

But there is also a bad side to this. It shouldn't stop you from exploring, but
it isn't nice to know. There are plenty of bad souls and they are powerfully 
organized. Their goals, while to them, seem good, are evil in nature. Except 
they are blind to that aspect and it will kill them some day. Plans born of
fear and hate are Satan's plans, his best plans are suicide plans in disguise. 
But these people don't see themselves as such. Or that the backroom planning can 
surly kill their own children someday. See, you can hide from humans, but you 
can't hide from Satan or God. And every deception, every trick is sent on an 
unconscious level to other minds. A conscious mind can be tricked, but not  
souls. And their suspicion and hate will, admittedly without any seeming cause, 
seemingly irrational, grow. This is just one of the ways Satan gets people to 
fight and destroy each other. He doesn't mend relationships like Christ, he 
destroys them. His objective is to separate, weed out the weak, and kill them,
by any trick possible. Because he believes that it isn't bad, but the best 
way for him to be strong. Because its how he thinks he can grow and finally beat
God and control human destiny. 


 This control is represented by his struggle to overthrow God in Heaven. And its 
being such a long war, found everywhere men are, in every soul, and over all 
generations since Man learned to talk and think for himself. Once you learned to
think like a God with Words and Symbols you're learned how to fight like one.

 But its also why you're able to fly to the moon when other animals don't even 
know its there. 

But it is this ability for self-analysis which allows you to sin and not other 
animals[in time, they'll follow, you did]. And its why you get a life review 
after death. For the first time in your spiritual trip what you do matters and 
what you do will be judged.