This guy is easy to understand.

God in the beginning with his interactions with his new self-governing, 
self-thinking, newly aware human cells, was way too harsh with people.

That tree of self-awareness or was it the tree of
learning to think with WORDS, as he did.
The Knowledge of Good and Evil through Words.
No longer a dumb animal, but thinking with abstraction,
with WORDS, as God thinks. Becoming like the Father.

Also wasn't God just a little too nervous about our loyalty? 

Do we obey him or Satan?
Hmm, even Mr. All Knowing doesn’t seem to know????

Why didn’t he know the answer when he asked Abraham?

Abraham, “Will you sacrifice your son for me?”

What a question? Didn’t he know? Why even ask it?
Who cares if you’re all-powerful anyway?

Nope, he was concerned all right. But why??

He had his problems with Mankind. 
He had to understand human weakness.
Human temptation. Something he never 
could feel. No right brain in him!

How could God judge people? If he never knew
inside of himself what it is like to have Satan
pulling at you? In the beginning God was too harsh
with us and our sinning. For him resisting Satan
was natural and for Satan, rebelling against God
was just as natural. Their/our trouble is, our souls
play both sides in their game. And I suspect, as much 
as it bothers us sometimes, it might bother them a lot


In the left corner folks, in our left brain, is God, and in
the right brain folks is Satan. And both will box their war
in the ring of our everyday decisions. 

What a place to fight for God's, huh? Ever feel there was
something about them you were never told? Something hidden,
but so ever close? Never felt it? Just beneath the surface of
your thoughts and feelings sometimes? I know you dismissed it,
wasn't logical, was it? Just didn't fit into what you thought
you knew of them, or didn't know? But still, THAT FEELING, didn't
you smell it sometimes? Like a forgotten word on the tip of your
tongue which you can't remember, only a thought away. 

So God, not be able to understand as he
wanted to, individuals, created a part
of himself which would. Jesus.
This human cell in him would share equal
decision making powers in him. The part of God
which would judge people would be this human cell.

And since God is a composite mind of
left brains, all of which, control our right
sides of our bodies, a human throne, if
you will. God’s right side in Mankind.

Jesus, “I shall stand on the right side of God’s throne.”

But only if this human cell proves 
beyond a shadow of a doubt he can give it all up for 
the whole. The whole representing God.

Jesus, “No greater gift can a man give than
        to lay down his life for his friend.”

And what did he tell his disciples after his return from death?
“Now that I have reconciled the Father with the Holy Ghost.”

Meaning what? He needed to allow his crucifixion.
Proving to the Holy Ghost, God could fit into the bigger
picture of reality smoothly, more smoothly than Satan.
His only competition for controlling Mankind’s overall
destiny. The First Angel, his former best friend. Now his 
only rival.

And Satan knew Jesus was THE pivotal human in 
his war with God. He was the only one who he promised
it all to. Knowing full well, if Jesus turned his back on God.
God would lose. Jesus was a gamble for God. His biggest.

Jesus proved himself twice.

Once in the desert.
Once on the cross.

So God is in us, but NOT us. He lives as a separate
collective mind, a species mind if you will.

Jesus’ function? To be a human center of God’s mind.
Equal, but still capable of praying to the Father.

Jesus, “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lies down
his life for his sheep.”

And what about serving God as the Son of God? 
Or was that the Son of Man?

Is there a difference?

His job? To hold Mankind together with a human center.
But to serve the God in Mankind, you have to serve
his parts, people. Only then can you rule it someday.

Jesus, “The Son of Man comes to serve, not to be served.
Whoever among you who would be great….
MUST BE A SERVANT! And whoever
would be first, must be a SLAVE to all!”

So this one man is given a role of taking God's place
in judging individuals. Naturally if you take the
role judging individuals someday, you also naturally
assume the power of forgiving people as well for God.

So can he forgive SINS for God? Yes.

And since he is the human center of God’s mind, 
then these two statements should be quite obvious.

Jesus, “Believe me when I say, I am in the Father,
        and the Father is in me.”

Jesus, “You cannot go to the Father, except by me.”