<B><U><H1>Satanís Right Brain</H1></U></B> Satanís Right Brain
Things they discovered about the right brain.
  • The right brain is super weak with words.
  • It is great in spatial intelligence.
  • It has no tolerance for frustration.
  • It is rather UN-inhibited and pampers to its vices.
  • Very little regard for other people.
  • Prefers using violence over talking to settle disputes.
  • Controls the LEFT HAND.

Sinister left hand?

Satan is the Supreme weapon builder. 

But he has a minor major problem.

Right brains are naturally abrasive by nature.
Especially in regards to each other.

So Godís mind is composed of easier going 
left brains within himself. Godís mind is fused with
telepathic bonds more strongly than Satan, who is
cursed with brains which donít get along with each
other as well.  

Because of this fact God is stronger.

This is Satanís primary weakness.

Jesus, ďIf a Kingdom is divided against itself, the Kingdom cannot stand.
So if Satanís Kingdom is divided against itself, how can
Satanís Kingdom stand? How can Satan cast out Satan?Ē

Actually, by killing off all the weaker sub-Kingdoms. 
His law of survival is Darwinís law.
Survival of the strongest. The fittest.
No mercy or compassion for the weak.
He is the  Supreme PREDATOR!

Genocide is Satanís solution.
Especially for all intellectuals. 

Hates books, left brain products.
His solution. Burn them!

His solution. Shoot them!

Remember Hitler.

Satanís Divisions