The Real God but not the White Light(Holy Ghost)

This link is not edited. No time for that now. Later. Not important now. Everything which just happened in this crooked election was predicted by me years ago. I got the ideas which will shake the Left to its core, but they will sound weird at first. A core of the Left is working from these ideas. Once you understand the ideas you will understand why Schumer brags about changing America. He means reducing the whites in America. Ideas which make whites thee target, compel them to take over the media and computer information. Ideas which Hollywood planted in scifi shows thru subluminal messages. Ideas which force some to under educate blacks, while pretending to protect them. Ideas which they feel they are entitled to lie to the public. Ideas if they really understood them, they will realize they doomed blacks and Jews in the future. Doomed themselves. Even doomed God, and no, that is not impossible. Now for ideas I mistakenly trusted Hollywood with. Pretend that a secret small group of survivors from the march Moses put his rescued slaves on, contained a secret about God which would someday even affect President Trump. Moses was forced to kill half his people to keep this secret. He made a mistake trusting his people with God’s true makeup, and God told him, kill the talkers. So what is this big secret? Moses, “he spoke to me in my mind, and the WORD was God. He is of eternal mind, and now I know, his light dwells in every man.” The White Light seen in NDEs is the Holy Ghost, but he is not the God of the Bible. God is a living network of all the Left Brains in mankind. Our left brains process language and controls the right side of our bodies. So God controls our right hand, the good hand, and this is why Jesus said he will stand on God’s right side. Since the left brain processes language, so in the beginning is the Word, takes on a new meaning. God favors populations which favor using their left verbal brain over their right artistic brain. So it favors Jews, lawyer producing, and Muslims, which turn off their artistic right brains. Draw their prophet, lose your head. There is another massive network of right brains. Which controls our left side of our bodies. It controls the left hand, the supposed bad hand. The First Angel is more of an artist than a left brained lawyer. He is stronger in European and Asian nations. Like Cain, city builders. God wanted to run mankind, sharing it with his beloved First Angel. But the right brain network did not trust God to be fair with the populations he had greater influence in. Europe and Asia. So their secret war began. God did not have the power to liberate the slaves from Egypt for a long time. God did not have the power to liberate Jews from Hitler, the second anti-Christ, an artist. This is why God is a jealous and angry God. Insecure. So if the above is true, and you were no good, how would you mistakenly fight for God? (Germans love building. Italians loved art. Japanese built well. So they forged an alliance not knowing why.) How do you control labor from the left brain? Labor is mostly a right brain activity, what good are mechanical skills if you do not like working with tools? You control money which means you control banking as much as possible. How do you use your verbal abilities to control more right brained populations? You control media. You take control of Hollywood. You take control of computer companies. Google, Facebook, even Microsoft. Controlling information over the internet. You buy politicians and education. What do you do with the black population? A mostly right brained dominate population? A potential enemy when you witness the anti-Semitic feelings in blacks in Crown Height, and the failure of a black major to protect innocent Jews? Do you help them change for the better or pretend to? You stab them in the back with a helping smile. You under educate black schools. Under educate urban schools. You bury teachers in meaningless paper work, setting up a system which does not remove disruptive students, so overall learning is sabotaged. You buy off the administrators. You know that the right brain does not think with words, so obeying laws is intellectually and emotionally dim in mostly right brained people, the opposite way of living by rules if you’re mostly left brained, like the Hasidic and priests. So you keep blacks poor and under educated, but the best plan is setting up a welfare system which encourages the lowest IQ woman to out bred more educated professional black mothers. Produce more getto business burning people than smarter successful ones. You noticed blacks learn better with listening to sounds, so you take out phonics of schools. So clever. Best part is, if nobody knows your secret war, nobody notices the leaders who pretend to care for blacks while they are fking them. Germany was once a target. So its media and banking were targeted. That did not go as planned. Who messed up that plan? White European people. You fear those whites will resent the stealing of the election so you throw them out of their jobs. So you target the church and try your best to reduce the numbers of whites in USA while taking control of politics and media. A secret slow genocide of whites, especially of its males. Generation by generation. A side issue is that the smartest student are no longer whites, but Asians. Also very right brained as left brained. What do you do about them gaining political power in the future? Cap them in schools like Harvard, but not schools like MIT. Harvard produces politics leaders. You want to seize political positions, not engineering ones. Go in and represent them legally, but throw the fight. Right brainers like to shoot you and left brainers like to fire you from your jobs. Neither is good. The people who blocked me, while using my ideas in Hollywood, were Jews. Just the small group feeling entitled to the ideas of others. They will start setting up and firing people they view as a threat. The only remedy is a backlash of people working together to get to them before they harm innocent people. Using their fear as justification. Fight them with their own weapons. Now for the rest. Before the good stuff, let us get a little metaphysical just for a short while. Everything I wrote about God for over the last thirty years was always God is good and Satan is bad. But for this link the story is going to be a little different. As they say, every story has two or more sides. If you believe that an all loving God created Satan(his first Beloved Angel), knowing, knowing ahead of time, Satan would eventually betray him and drag millions of human souls into eternal damnation then then you are too fucking stupid to understand most of what I am going to tell you. Do not confuse the White Light which fuses countless souls within itself, using unconditional Love, with the Biblical God who spoke to Moses. The Father, who Jesus spoke about, is not the Holy Ghost. He is way less. The Trinity. The White Light is all the underlying information in this universe. It is self aware and spiritually alive,. Information is spiritual. A lot like math. I lot like the Awareness in your soul. This is the White Light we all see after physical death. But it is not the God of the Bible. It is too all-powerful and all-knowing to be a jealous and angry God. The God of Mankind is a another form of life. Picture all the Left Brains inside every human linked together to create a giant mind within Mankind. As far above a single human, as a single human is above one brain cell. A Living God within every person. The Left brain processes language so it works best within populations of people who do a lot of verbal thinking, but less right brain thinking, like the visual and mechanical skills of the right brain. Since the left brain controls the right side of our bodies. God favors the right hand, using it more. Jesus, the human core of this left brain network, sits on God's right side in a manner of speaking. So the right hand is somehow judged good, and the left hand, controlled by our artistic right brain, is judged bad. The left brain puts the group above the individuals within the group. Sacrifice for the group. Die for the group. Jews and Muslims favor their left brain over their artistic right brain. Since the Left brain handles language, it creates tight social bonds within these two populations. Jews help each other out and Muslims bond so tightly they can't smoothly fit into European societies without trying to change them. Just picture the White Light as all the information underlying reality. Alive Information. A soul which uses Love to glue all the countless souls within itself together without fighting. When Nothingness broke into separate parts, it still was a big fat Zero in an overall sense. Before Existence there were no underlying truths, no natural laws and nothing to cause anything, but also, nothing to prevent something from happening without a first cause. Nothingness broke apart, not by a first cause, but, because there was nothing to prevent something from occurring. Existence, before any First Cause, pulled itself into Existence. A little like virtual particles which pop in and out of physical space. It the true beginning wasn't simple and inevitable, Existence would have been too hard to start. If your being is interlinked with everything, wouldn't a good way to describe yourself, if you are the White Light as "I AM'. Existence requires balance because Everything came from Nothingness.. All the forces in the physical universe have to add to Zero. From which it all came. One aspect of reality is the metaphysical law that the Whole of Something is more important than any of the part within itself. This law enabled evolution to value the overall being more important than any individual cell within it. Made sure the overall species is more important than any member within that species. So our body cells sacrifice themselves to keep us alive as mothers sacrifice themselves, in general, for their children. Evolution at work. But there another force which struggles to counter balance the overall organizing force. It struggles for the parts to be of equal value to the whole. Existence is a conflicting balance between order and chaos. The Chinese got it right. Yin and Yan. . The Father, Jesus spoke about is the hidden composite mind of all the Left Brains within Mankind. He kept his secret to himself. He knew Moses screwed up when his revealed what God told him to the slaves he just liberated. I will explain that sad story soon. God favors populations which more easily used their verbal left brains over their right brains. Such as Jews and Muslims. Hitler, being an artist, sided with his right brain thinking. So did most of Germany in his time. Not today. Muslims do not allow much usage of their artistic right brains, so never draw their prophets. They shut down their right brains as much as possible. While abstract intelligent , they fall short on visual intelligence and machine intelligence because of the general inactivity of their right brains. Jews produce lawyers more than mechanics. The Left Brain represents the value of group over the individual. Which is why it is almost impossible for large groups of Muslims to adapt to European nations without trying to change them from within to conform to their own group values. Most European overly liberal leaders are too stupid to notice this problem. They are so nice that they insanely placed their future children on the extinction block. They can not see pass their own current positions of power. Then again most politicians get into politics to get power, not to serve the public as they claim, but to get power and to make lots of money. Because if serving the public was really the inspiration of most politicians then the field would not be so fucking corrupt everywhere you go. Politics is too ugly to attract the best minds. Always was. Nations need a political draft to recruit the best minds. Short service like the military. The composite right brain, Satan, the big badie, actually represents many European and Asian values. Europe and Asia make good use of their analytical left brains, but also the skills of their artistic right brains. They are natural builders. Like Cain, the first city builder. The left brain often uses its command of language to smear the right brain, putting itself first. This is why is it so easy for the media to smear the reputations of people they do not agree with, but still feel they are doing right. Their bias left brain makes them feel they are doing good, but the White Light, above God, does not agree with their judgement. God only has the right to rule over mentally balanced populations such as Europeans and Asians if he is fairly balanced. If he is not, he forfeits his right to rule. So if you believed all this was true, would you prefer white american mentally balanced programmers or hiring mostly left brained Indians into the top computer companies? Would you replace American programmers with Indians? Would you hire smart orientals for technical programming but give most top management MIS positions to Indians? Would you seize computer companies for information control like you seized banking, media, and Hollywood? Would you care how many intelligent orientals go to schools like MIT, but put a lid on schools like Harvard, because that is where powerful political leaders come from? And get tricky by running to legally represent those students just to betray them. Making sure their numbers are capped? Claiming they fall short on personality traits while the world discovered Asian drama is much more emotionally moving than most of what Hollywood puts out? Is this what you would do? Notice how ancient prophets came from Semitic people, but rebellions came from Europeans? Notice how China hates Muslims? Or how the press jumps all over Trump? Hidden Left brain bias. The right brain, when it goes bad, is more physically brutal. It loves guns. But the left brain when it goes bad, manipulates information with lies. The Holy Ghost, the White Light. didn't make one all good and the other all bad. That is silly and for instilling fear into people for social control. Remember the right brain puts itself normally before others. Blacks in some ways are the opposite of Jews. Jews naturally favor their left brain over their right brain. While blacks, naturally favor their right brain over their left brain. Most people are in the middle. Many black artists, right? Many black actors, right? Since the right brain is more emotionally impulsive, and if the left brain is not as much in control of the person, then that person can easily be corrupted. Thus the high crime rate among young black males. Thus the ease China makes deals with all too many corrupt African leaders who sell out their own people. Send out the left brain managers to exploit artists. If all this is correct, then no amount of throwing money and empty social programs is going to correct the education problems in urban failing schools. But are these idea right? Which sub groups of blacks use their left brains more? Their women and black gay males because their brains are more female. Females usually use their left brains more than men. Are the average verbal SAT scores higher for women than men? Are black gay men more educated than black straight men? Are black women more educated than black men?I have no idea. Check it out. So if you were waging a secret war with populations who favor using their right brains would you equally educate them or use your legal might to sabotage their education? Would you bury their teachers in meaningless paper work, depriving them of time to focus on classwork? Would you secretly place certain administrators in failing schools to weed out effective teachers? Remove ways of removing the most disruptive students who create havoc in classrooms? Would you study how Finland got away from constant teaching to a test, so their students learned to like school and like thinking deep on subjects they enjoyed? Would you come come back to the states only to implement more testing to sabotage the learning and liking of deep thinking? Bury schools in testing and make money with companies who do the testing and the hiring out of expensive educational consultants making a ton of money and never seem to improve failing schools? Can't you do all that since you believe God is on your side hindering people you think he can't control much? You are the good guy in your mind, right? Does welfare encourage the birth of more low IQ children, while highly educated minority women might abort children who they do not want to interrupt their career? Is this not a highly effective dumb down population plan? Any different from old slave masters killing off intelligent black kids? With the modern improvement of making them dependent reliable voters.Making so many unsure of themselves so even if someone gives them more jobs they still don't vote for that person. Forging a population into one which easily hates and is full of self hate, into a group which doesn't understand enough to challenge the corruption of those who manipulate them from above. Every woman has a right to govern her body, right? Killing the baby is killing part of her natural right? My my how Nazi like? Her body, her baby, are the same, right? Bullshit! The baby has different DNA from its mother. What child is its parent? When society condones such killing the Holy Ghost condemns God for not stopping the mass killing. No Jew has a right to condemn the Holocaust if they think killing babies is ok. Because couldn’t Germans have argued, look….Jews can’t get along with us. We couldn't get rid of them peacefully, so we had to resort to extreme measures and socially abort them. Forgive and forget the holocaust the next time you argue there is nothing wrong with sucking out the brain of an unborn child. The White Light is a loving entity. What the hell do you think he feels about people killing the helpless? Nothing good I bet. It is like saying sex is bad. What living creature anywhere didn't come into Life not through sex? Sex is only bad when it creates pain on others. Otherwise, the Holy Ghost combined sex and pleasure for a reason. Part of the mission of Jesus was to disarm the hatred and violence of the right brain. Especially in old Rome. The right brain controlled the Roman empire. God saw Rome, if continued into the far future, especially with its very high mechanical intelligence for weapon building would have brutalized the world. Christianity and political corruption broke Rome apart from within, Making it possible for the barbarians to sweep in. Where do you think modern German building skills came from? From Roman soldiers raping Germanic forest women. No Roman ever thought the Germanic forest people were superior or equal to them. No master race thinking was possible back then. When one warring population goes within another one, it biologically instinctively feels an instinct to rape. It is biological war between differing populations. Old warring tribes did it instinctively. Cave people did it. Why do you think there are so many European women raped by Muslims? Japanese soldiers in China and Korea? Or even Nazi solders with Jewish prisoners? War isn't nice. Modern civilization didn't remove biological instinct. Next time you see two ant armies killing each other off, give this a thought. Western Europe is not able to defend itself from its haters. The Vatican can not defend Christians from being killed everywhere. There comes a point that turning the other cheek is suicide. Europe has reached that point. Remember the lamb will return as a lion. He will be changed. Jesus allowed himself to be killed for a reason. He knew someday God would have to come out, and many will not accept God as is. So Jesus will have to ask the world, “I know many of you have trouble accepting God as he really is, but if I tell you I will represent God to the world, and you to him, and I never once abused my power…will you trust God if I represent him?” This is why God could not let Jesus avoid the Crucifixion. If he had avoided it, God wouldn't win the modern world over. It explains why a normally peaceful man went crazy about Jewish religious elite corruption. He knew such corruption would make God unacceptable to most of the world. Even with the Crucifixion about a third of mankind will still rebel. God himself has been put on a cross in a way. Diversity for diversity sake doesn’t work unless all the parts are improving. Urban schools have been dumbed down. I ran into problems in teaching when I was asked how I intended to teach mostly black classes. Being very naive in the beginning, I told them my idea of teaching the right brain to activate the left brain in students if they’re right brain dominant. Amazingly, I was asked the same question in three different schools by white administrators, “Are you trying to create more Malcom Xs and Farrakhans?" By the third school I knew top people were aware of the deficient left brain usage of many students in failing schools. Thus the super low reading levels. But it was avoided. Just as that topic is avoided in the media. My smart ass comeback question, “are you scared of smart blacks?” Always got me kicked out of the schools. Until I worked under certain black administrators who actually liked effective math teaching. Failing schools are there by design. You start with poor teaching in the lower grades. What is needed are training programs for teaching artistic children to make more use of their left brains. It is the left brain which respects laws more because laws are written in words which comes from the left brain. But it won’t come without a battle. I went into teaching late in life, chased out of the computer field, in spite of a BS in Computer Science from NJIT and a MBA from Rutgers with a MIS concentration. Why? I was stupid enough to tell some people who were very curious about my ideas back in the 80s, that Indians would be natural allies of Jews who were disturbed why blacks seemed to turn on them. I explained to them to make sure to not exploit them, in other words, don’t rip them off. Not in music or in Hollywood. Got cold silence on that idea. suggested, get a natural ally, another group which fights Muslims and isn’t Christian. Indians. Ah, that went over well. I got sarcastic and suggested they could replace American programmers with Indians since they come from a very corrupt nation to collect information was a total idiot at that time. I thought I was immune because I saw many science shows and movies symbolically injection my ideas into shows. So how could they work against me if they were borrowing some of my ideas? I was a fool. Easily done. Look how the computer field collects information on people to social engineer societies. . I let Hollywood run with these ideas since the 80s and kept silent. Knowing some of the people there feel they’re in a war with Right Brainers, and were naturally entitled to the fruits of a war they thought they were winning. So stealing and modifying the ideas of others is natural for some of those people. They’re entitled. Look at Trump. How he is secretly viewed? How are blacks secretly viewed? Trump is a builder, right brain terrain. He is German. So close up, they’ll kiss his ass and use him as much as possible. From a New York Times distance they will go after him no matter how many favors he grants Israel. Normal Jews will like him, but those who misunderstand these ideas, will go after after him. Confusion is a mask. Go after him in private, but put people from the same group on TV speaking for him. If you make war on right brainers and nations filled with such people then how do you do it? Control labor by controlling money. Control information by control the media. Control information by controlling major computer companies, especially those the ones which controls what people read. Control Hollywood. Control radio. Control hiring. Control firing. Control the Law with corruption. Slowly create social policies which reduces white Christian control. Ignore Indian and other Asian nations favoring their own people over outsiders. They are not white and did not create the Holocaust. Black women like Candice because natural targets of the left. Nothing wrong with China taking leadership. As long as it does not abuse its power. I love Asian drama from China, Japan, and Korea. What a shame to lose it. The below videos are for those who do not fully realize how much China has changed. When you watch the below videos just reflect that those cities are filled with people with a 107 IQ average. How many MIT colleges could they fill? MODERN CHINA CATCHING UP WITH AMERICAN TECH CUTE TECH FROM CHINA Another point. I psychically sense is that humans are getting ready to mutate into smarter people We are going to adapt to the new information of information overload. But not everyone. Young people who struggle the most to educate themselves will mutate first. It will be in Asia. They mentally work the hardest. Their IQ is going to go up. How much higher is the question? China, Korea, and Japan already have a higher IQ average than any European nation. The gap could become bigger. This has occurred many times in the remote past. Brain size changes haven't stopped. When fish live in caves their eyes aren’t stressed, so eventually over generations, they lose their eyes. Jews developed very high verbal abilities when their young over many generations stressed to understand the Torah. Their verbal IQ is the highest in the world, but only in a subgroup of Jews, the ones who stressed in reading, arguing, and thinking with words. Take a look at any black person. Their palms and soles of their feet are much lighter because their soles and palms were not stressed to defend the skin against intense sun light. So what happens in failing black schools which are designed to allow the most disruptive students to disrupt the learning of classmates? They won’t adapt to information overload. Then the races will part their ways. Most species have very different sub groups except modern humans. That is good. But if two sub groups grow too far apart in general intelligence mixing stops. Wars start. Back to Moses when this hidden war started. Let the story be retold. How does it go? Moses went up the mountain to talk to God, but he stayed up there too long, and the Jews he just rescued from Egyptian bondage, lost hope in Moses, and decided to create golden idols to worship. When Moses returned down the mountain with the Ten Commandments , he got so upset with those worshiping golden idols that he killed half of them on God's orders.. Walking the surviving half for 40 years until they found the Promised Land. Is that story even possible considering human nature? Imagine yourself as one of those rescued Jewish slaves. You believed there was no hope of rescue from Egypt. But Moses did show up with your real God backing him up, You witnessed a tower of flame holding back Egyptian soldiers, and the sea part. What kind of people would go back to praying to golden idols once they witnessed God? No rational people. Human nature would have made it impossible. But let us change the story a little. God is what I say he is. Moses makes the mistake of telling his people the truth about God. They want to bargain with God. Not afraid of him since he isn't all-powerful and is a living God within all people. How does God react to his little cells daring to bargain with him? Kills half and marches the survivors for 40 years until his secret was forgotten. Except it wasn't entirely forgotten and some used i to wage war with right brainers. Controlling information is the front line of the battle. Then again I could be wrong. I would have to ask Mr. Z why he censors certain information and worked so hard to affect the outcome of the election.