Spiritual Art

I don't want to make it seem like I think art is bad, because I don't. God is the middle ground with our development
Putting a brake on it when it goes too fast or wrong. But the Holy Ghost is about Creation. Art in its truest form.
And the only way he can sustain himself, without breaking apart in eternal infinite growth, is by building his foundation
on the tinier souls within himself. Who needs who more? It is all uneven in power, but still equal in the ways it counts most. 
Souls might want to experience what others have, but what soul ever wanted to give up being itself?
Only by every soul wanting to be itself, can the Holy Ghost keep himself together.  

The job of every soul is to cling to existence, thereby enabling the Holy Ghost to do the same. You float in her and she floats on you.
So the Holy Ghost had to not only make your soul from her own, but she had to make it immortal, and unshackle it from any one limiting life.
If all souls experienced just one never ending identity, without the refreshing thrill of becoming someone new, then how long before
all souls begged for release from their experiences? Begged for real death! Which is something the Holy Ghost couldn't afford
to let happen. For the Holy Ghost and you to stay alive forever, all souls must grow. Each major change requires physically dying. 
Bodies occupy graveyards, not souls.  

The only way you can endure eternity is to continue growing forever with each new life. She not only needed to give each soul eternal life, 
she also needed to separate each life with physical death. And each life had to add to the eternal growth of the soul.  So a life review 
was needed after each death. Before experiencing a new life, an evaluation of the last life had be made. It is a necessary part of spiritual growth. 
This process continues until someday your soul shines like another white light. When you're finally ready to give birth to new souls from your own. 
This is when you're fully grown and life takes on a new journey for you altogether. You can't always live in a crib of a created reality around you.  

This is the price for Your Immortality. The price of her Continued Existence. Any mind concerned with giving birth to new souls is more female than male, 
if you wanted to plant a gender on the Holy Ghost. Which is silly. 

Life requires change. Because this is true on the deeper metaphysical plane it is also true for the more shallow physical plane. Existence/Life 
cannot exist without change. Oblivion/Death cannot exist with it.  This is one of the metaphysical parameters which determines an aspect of what can be. 
Existence requires change/time. Striving is the fuel for change. 

One cell creatures strive, You strive, and so does the Holy Ghost. Other than the quality of what is experienced, difference?