How Satan's Kingdom Is Divided Against Itself

Then I was told, "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings."

This essay on the nature of Satan’s Kingdom will take some explaining. I need to explain how our
individual interests are split between our own self interest and group(family) interests. Then I will explain 
how Satan's Kingdom divides Mankind. Take your time with this. It will require some thinking on your part
. But there is no hurry. Digest the information at your own pace. Once you get it, you will see Satan’s actions
in world events. How he uses leaders, events, and other situations will become obvious to you.
Satan's kingdom is within us just like God’s Kingdom is. God never explained it because he works on a
need to know basis. His trust issues are big. Ask Abraham.

So Jesus told us that Satan's kingdom suffered from the inherent problem of being divided against itself. How so?
And what does it really mean? If God truly is a composite mind created from the left brains in Mankind, 
thus controlling our glorious right hands[kidding], and Satan is another composite mind of all the right brains
in Mankind, how does this cause Satan any problems?

Which brain carries our language skills? The left brain. Language is for social organization and communicating 
with our fellow members of the species. So which brain would tend to have greater social skills and intelligence?
Left brain, right? So which brain uses its hand to greet a stranger? Which hand do we shake hands with?
Our right hand which is controlled by the left brain. Simple. Remember all that sinister left hand stuff?

So which brain might be better suited to house a more egotistical view of ourselves and the world? Right brain, why not?
The stronger we sense ourselves in ourselves as individuals the more we might be inclined to favor ourselves in
regards to others whenever a conflict of interests occur. 

So would the right brain composite mind work as strongly together? No, don't think so. Is this the problem Jesus was referring to?
You bet. Step back and examine the teachings of most religions. Especially what Jesus taught.

They never say don't look after yourself. That would be long term suicide. But they do say try to reach beyond your own selfish desires
in just catering to yourself and your ego when you run into a conflict of interests with others. Don't Sins revolve around this theme? 

The main problem with Satan's kingdom is that his people work against each other as well as with each other. But where did this conflict 
come from? How it expressed in our politics and wars as well with the little everyday interactions we have with each other? 

Let me lay a little ground work in some remote areas and finally tie them together with other ideas. This is all going to seem strange
to you in the beginning, so bare with me. Scientists already today have realized that there is much information programmed in our
brains for assimilating and shaping outside information, social information. 


Take for example sexual preference, just recently they discovered that a very small clump of cells in our brains which determines
our sexual orientation. All brains are born female, but usually for normal male brains, in the first 24 hours a hormone is released
making a certain clump of cells grow. If the cells do grow the brain will be male oriented, making it seek out the female form.
Vice-versa is also true. 

But all this also means that the visual clues in our brains for female/male traits also are preprogrammed in us. 
Unlike lower animals, we rely much more on visual clues than smell. So there must be information already hardwired in our brains 
just to read the visual clues of the opposite sex. This also is supported by the obvious fact that we don't have to be told as to 
what the visual clues of a person's physical appearance means. I like women, but never attended a class to learn how.

There are visual clues for youth, meaning health, and others telling us of old age, weakness and unsuitability for child bearing any more
. None of which we have to go to school to learn. I even think that there is a good chance who we like to look at, who we find attractive,
might depend a lot on our own gene makeup. If we have good genes and sense just as good and of the same type in the opposite sex,
we might be driven to want to have sex with them. Like craving like. And since we all have our share of weak genes as well, we might
sense our gene opposites which can improve on our offspring. So a type of liking your opposite is another flavor of craving. 

There is other information preprogrammed in us for listening to languages, learning impossibly fast and well as a child, when we
clearly outstrip most adults in the assimilation of language. Later when we just use logic to learn languages, rather than some
mysterious preprogrammed ability for it, we slow down. And later, when this ability gets turned off with age, we become the slow
adults who can move to a new country and learn the native language there more slowly in fifty years than a child in two years.
In this way we become dumber not smarter with age. And all of it has to do with what nature hardwired in our brains.


Other indications are the studies in Israeli where psychologists discovered that if children are closely exposed to children of the
opposite sex when they are young they will develop the incest taboo and not marry those people. Even when they weren't biologically related.
Strongly proving that there is instinct behavior in us, which is preprogrammed from birth which is conducive not for the
individual member of the group, but for the group as a whole.

We are as programmed for certain social behaviors as insects are in their domain. But we have the luxury of free thought
processing over these instinctive conceptual behaviors and thought patterns.

Now I'm almost at my point. There is another theory by a behaviorist at Harvard that much of our altruistic behavior is really
deep down instinctively selfish behavior. He demonstrated with social insects with almost mathematical precision that the
amount of willingness and effort one insect will sacrifice for another is in proportion to the amount of genetic material they share.
If the other insect is not DNA related at all, no sacrificing is involved. You just don't, evolution in reverse it would be.
For siblings with a quarter gene overlap, so much sacrifice, with fifty percent twice.

Programmed altruistic behavior on the surface, but lying underneath, the instinctive consideration that your genes in you,
are also in them, and they are just as important in them as they are in you. Individually we might have trouble relating
to each other, but beneath our surface, we might be always registering similarities and differences between ourselves
and acting accordingly. But always struggling with higher principles to govern and shape our behavior in accordance to
higher considerations, usually abstract values. But always, a struggle between instinct and mind. And as in so many cases
with war, with the alarming probability of complete gene destruction with impending physical death, instinct wins.

When soldiers rape the women of the people they are fighting what are they really doing on an instinctive level to the
enemy camp? They are infusing what they are into what they are trying to wipe out. What better way to defeat an enemy
than to make them become you after a few generations? Losing what they were to biological history.

Group vs. Individual Interests

Now what I want to suggest that maybe, just maybe we also read visual clues on other people's faces as to who they are
 on a genetic level and as to how they overlap with our own genes.

If there are two preprogrammed conceptual triggers: ONE, to judge and take care of ourselves as individuals within a
greater society of animals for ourselves, and TWO, another value system for weighting our importance towards the 
greater group we are in. A constant struggling of warring values, usually opposed to each other.

Visual clues in whites for genetic traits are more varied than others. Compare whites with other groups. 
Asians usually have black hair and dark eyes. Blacks usually have black hair, dark skin, and dark eyes
. Indians usually the same. In each of these groups there isn’t much variation for the color of hair, eyes, and skin.

 But with whites, hair color ranges from black to blonde, eye color ranges from brown to blue, and skin color from olive to fair.
 So whites feel less kinship with each other. Making white nations more culturally porous. 

Whites are not as tightly bonded as a group as other groups are, which accounts for why a single black will feel less out of place
in a group of whites, than a single white will feel in a group of blacks. Sometimes when you walk in the malls you’ll see a group
of white teens hanging out with one or two black friends, but have you ever seen a group of black teens hanging out with just
one white in them. Unless it’s white girlfriend, it’s very rare. 

Asians have a very tight genetic group, good for war and sacrificial soldiers, but bad for discovering the rights of individuals
.Civil rights would have been a long time coming in most Asian countries. And pilots willing to dive their planes into ships on
a suicide run would have been a long time coming in America.In some countries, the natives are able to look around and sense
distant relatives in strangers. So a more natural feeling of kinship and blending into the whole group is fostered. In other countries,
the natives only see strangers in strangers. Little feeling of connection, leading to a greater drive to stand out from the crowd and
to be noticed. So in one group, those who stand out too much, try not to, in the other, those that do, beam with pride.

Ever notice how sports fans like to dress up when they attend an important ball game? They brand themselves with what they wear
 to identify themselves with their favorite teams and their fans. When sports fans identify themselves too closely with a team they can
 feel real opposition to the rival teams and their fans. Sometimes when the feelings are taken too far in absurd silliness they start riots. 
Just over a game? But if you looked inside their feelings, the game was elevated to a war. Both being born from the same instinctive impulses. 
Sports are fine, beating fans sucks big time.

This instinct is a double edged sword. Sometimes blindly going with a group can lead to mass destruction and horrible atrocities.
Selfish ego can make an American CEO feel egotistical about his huge salary and bonuses. Proud to stand so far above his employees in earnings
Where in Japan it might foster a sense of shame. Where even baseball teams play to win, but not by too much. We can borrow their good points,
them ours. To tell the truth, these traits are not bad or good. They don't matter, just character does. Just character.

Symbols, Colors, and Uniforms

This is why uniforms generally work in bringing out more strongly group behavior in soldiers, cops, nurses, whoever, 
all the way to bikers with the same dress and beards, and even to priest wear. To all sort of ways of using uniform
visual signals to foster a sense of group. Ever wonder why kids in gangs like wearing the same identifying cloths or 
why Hasidic Jews like to wear black and beards? It fosters a group identity which brings out group values over individual values.  

Break a tough kid down, build him up as a group member. The Marines do that. Works, doesn't it? Clothes to build group identity.
Clothes to stand out as an individual. What is your identity taste? Which group to do you belong to? What are your uniform colors? Gang colors? 

This can be used and studied to discover which types of visual clues bring out which types of emotional belongings. From clothes to blend
in with, to others to stand out with, and other ways of designing visual clues to broadcast certain symbols for evoking particular psychological effects.

Bill of Rights Expressing Individual Interests

So in one group the systems for enforcing greater group consciousness and set of values is naturally stronger,
but changing with time and integration. Where in the other, the triggers for individualistic values are stronger, leading more
to a more exploratory nature and a natural stressing of individual values. From political revolutions to even the normal day 
to day behaviors manifesting themselves in a million different ways.

Western vs. Eastern Outlook

The premise is, if the above is true, some states as they are now, are almost driven to look out for themselves. 
Much stronger group behavior values in them than us. Both can be good, both can be bad, depending
on how they act and where and when. From Japanese soldiers killing and not understanding captured American soldiers in World War Two, 
sending them off on a death march because they thought to themselves, 'just look at them, how could they not sacrifice themselves for their group,
what low life these Americans must be.' 

In their minds they deserved their horrible deaths and may they never shame their family and race in the same way. With horrified American soldiers
not understanding the seemingly complete lack of compassion for their individual concerns and rights.

Two value systems played out then and later today, in a disguised form with a new setting. In modern trade negotiations and tensions with mainland China. 

 One group looking at the world in general on principle, putting in the background group concerns, the other with it in the foreground, claiming otherwise,
 always breaking promises to accommodate only their group. Just think of trade agreements and military buildups. This accounts for American trade deficits.
This is the biggest division which hurts God. The one Satan will play against him. The divisions between groups is something which Satan uses to divide
his sub-Kingdoms. Simply put, this is why America gets screwed in trade deals with China.  

When your kingdom is divided against itself, what could be remedy for that problem in handling conflicting interests between different groups
with the 'gee, I should love everyone' attitude Jesus preached about? What about prison camps and genocide plans for the losers?
You see, one God's poison is another God's solution? The Devil doesn't see himself or his harshness as being bad? No natural predator ever did.    

In Asian nations their group instinct is more likely to override individual consideration because of their lesser variety of facial features.
But I believe this trait has to be triggered in children in order for it to work strongly. When most Asians are raised with a variety
of people around them, I suspect, their group instinct fails to kick in fully. Or, at least, less strongly. 
Time will tell. And with mixed children the racial walls fall altogether.

These differences are not necessarily good or bad. Some groups, because of their greater similarity of surface facial traits, 
will instinctively experience a greater social bonding in their minds. So while a Japanese executive might see America in a
more aggressive light, might be more inclined to feel Japan first, naturally putting American concerns second, he still might,
within his own group be less inclined to screw another Japanese worker out of his pension or job just to make himself richer. 
Which is a good thing.

So these differences among racial groups for feeling group bonding is a double edged sword. Whites with their greater facial
genetic diversity can more easily turn on each other. Betray each other more within their own group. So a Japanese executive, 
even when as corrupt as any American, might still feel more shame in betraying his employees for fatter pay checks.
Be less willing to lay off employees just to get his salary saving expense bonus. Be less likely perhaps to walk off with
million dollar perks from a company after he just ran it into the ground. But if true, also be less likely to be trusted in 
trade negotiations with Western nations in keeping promises. When he is looking out more for the benefits of trade for his own group.
Whites will be more inclined to look out for the interests of people outside their own group than Asian nations. 

Blacks might suffer from weaker bonding because of their lesser use of their left brains. With some leaders catering more to
their individual interests than their own people. The ego will come out more. Corruption of the individual will be much easier. 
Should left brainers become corrupt themselves and organized to exploit this weakness, they just might help and support
certain black leaders rise to the top. In order to use them.

 Is this the process of making an Uncle Tom? Depending on them at critical moments to work against the interests
of their own people just to help themselves to some prize. Successful artists and sports figures leaving their own people behind. 
Even preferring women of another group to their own could be some of the social fallout. Not to mention jail rates.
But someday when their emotional intelligence gets coupled with the highest abstract thinking, the best leaders will come. 
Or the worse.

Group instinct is a double edged sword. It can go wrong on both extremes. If the Right Brain to Left Brain ratio is too high on
 average within a group, catering more to individual egos within it will surely weaken the social cohesion of the group.
 Exploitative leadership, catering more to self than over those they govern will surely result. Big egos and a lot of huff and puff. 
What is missing? Efficient organizational abilities in the leadership. From street chaos in American urban cities to chaotically
ruled African nations. This is the weakness they have to tackle among themselves to improve.
Taken to the extreme these are people who, if you attack their ego, they are at war with you.

But what happens if there is too much Left Brain thinking over Right Brain thinking? Can that be corrupted or turn bad in any way?
 Sure it can. The Left brain is fond of thinking and seeing the world through the prism of Words. Rules and words go together.
 Some of these minds can bury themselves, bury their lives, bury their behavior in rules all their lives. 
Constantly sacrificing their individual enjoyments for the sake of the group. Not unlike many Hasidic or priests or monks.
 Predictable weakness, but instead of the group been short-changed, it is the individual this time. This is why so many super religious
 people have many rules governing many of their individual actions, but street gangs and bikers don't. One can wrap himself in the
 security blanket of words and rules, the other gets thrills in breaking them.   

In the worse cases some of these minds can become so rigid, so frozen, so insect-like in their way of thinking that they sense
what they’ve become is distasteful to most people. Some of these people can sense the dislike of others towards them, but can
never quite put their finger on its true source. They learn to hide their true feelings and thoughts behind contrived arguments. 
Always masking their true intentions behind false concerns and twisted arguments. Becoming over time hyper sensitive to any threat
of being emotionally unveiled. Just mention the wrong word to them and they’ll attack you with all the tenacity of a pet bull.
Taken to the extreme these are people who, if you attack the group[anti-whatever], they are at war with you.

Satan first attacks from within. Setting your mind and ego against what the God in you might want. This is why he tested Jesus as he did.
Asking him to put his desires and decisions before God's within him. Jesus felt the trap, not falling into it. He understood the rules and 
the nature of the game. Hitler, even as a second Antichrist, almost did. He voiced the argument of Satan closely, but still was somewhat
in the dark as to the true nature of the war. But his Final Solution, his willingness to kill all the Jews in the world, sometimes makes me 
suspect that he might have figured it out. Knowing full well, Satan would want the killing of the Left Brain Group core, the Jewish people. 
 And he would implement Satan's plan no matter what. Even if it cost Germany the war. But if Germany was chosen by Satan to rebel
 against God which nation will he choose next? He needs another under his wing again you know?    

Question : If God really is a composite mind of Left Brains within Mankind can Muslims pray for and get the destruction of their enemies
as so many hope they can? What morality will God argue he will represent to humanity? The peaceful and fair management of Mankind
over the inherent unfairness of Satan’s stance of favoring the powerful over the weak? So how can he destroy his enemies?
Or Jesus help the Jewish people destroy the Romans? The tactics are all wrong. But it doesn't mean that sometimes you can't kick ass. 
Just can't do it with God's approval. Once yes, but that time is pass. New rules for a new age. For a much more powerful world.
One capable of destroying itself for the first time. 

In whites this group instinct can also be tapped into. In Italy a long time ago, the haters wore black shirts. In Germany they picked brown shirts.
 In the USA, more stylish with white hoods. Or the street gangs with their choice of colors justifying gang violence and crime.

The real question is, if these premises are true, then how will some clannish groups behave once whites fall into a minority? 
Will the willingness for mixing continue or go the other way? I never judge how someone treats me when they are in an inferior position, 
but how I think they would treat me when they feel they are in a secure superior position. That is when the buried poisons in some hearts surface. 

The real test in America will come when the dominant white group which allowed the most mixing to begin with, falls into a minority itself.
Will the growing rival minorities feel as accompanying towards white European interests? Or will they act for themselves when they get the
upper hand in a democratically controlled nation? When the numbers favor them for the first time. As long as minorities are small groups within
a larger majority they usually suppress their conflicting group interests. They can't afford to show it, unless the dominant group is taught to
not look out for itself. A common lesson in America.

How many people who feel they are not fairly represented because of smaller numbers within some larger group don't try to assimilate by
adapting to the ways of the larger group? How many of these people who adapt by changing themselves, don't feel resentment for having
to swallow their pride in order to change themselves? How many of these people who adapt by changing themselves don't rebel when the
roles are reversed? Isn't that when the buried emotional shit hits the fan? Who is usually more surprised by all the hidden resentment than
the previous dominant group? It is hard sometimes to notice when your ass is being kissed out of fear with hidden resentment. Ego and the
need to believe you are sincerely loved blinds many people. Just ask any egotistical boss. 

While Jesus can point to Satan and say his kingdom is divided against itself, which really means, if Satan is in charge of running 
Mankind it will fall apart in global conflict. But can Satan also point towards God and say, "Yea?! You think that self-righteous asshole
of a deity can keep Mankind together? For how long? For whose best interests? For the best or for the loser users in Mankind? 
For the laborers or the paper pushing leeches?" And how will some greedy self-indulgent executives handle his argument? Don't ask. 

I'm not saying some groups are bad people by comparison, because I AM NOT saying it, just that some groups might be more
naturally clannish. And which group is least likely to walk in groups? You know the answer, but did you ever wonder why?

Just think of some cultural values as being more reflective of family values extended beyond the nuclear family over an entire race.
This ability is an organizational strength, what single individuals can't do, groups often can.  A thousand people can be stronger than 
a hundred thousand in that hundred thousand if they work together as a group[by whatever means]. And smaller groups sense this
instinctively. Many clamor for the rights of the minorities to be loyal to their heritage, fine and good. But not for the majority, they are 
supposed to forget theirs. Not exactly a fair break. Unless your intent is to disrupt the majority, then the cultural battle plan makes sense.
I suspect as individuals, we're more or less the same[somewhat]. But as groups we have a long way to go. But it is today's problem, isn't it? 
Tomorrow, we'll either be mixed one day, when it won't matter. Or God loses, and it just came down to the very best surviving. 
The same mind set which made Hitler kill those he thought which were bad for the German gene pool.  

I think most people are good for the most part, no matter what race. I'm using an example of how I think Satan divides us from others.
 It is across these instinctive group dividers which he casts his hook of hatred. If Peter could fish so can Satan.

How did some men who married Jewish women in Germany turn in their wives for prison? What happened in their minds and hearts? 
Why did their hearts turn so cold? What emotional divisions did Satan erect in their hearts? Group divisions? 
German husbands waking up one day to only think of their wives as Jews? To turn in their loves ones for death.
How strong can a group division be, if it can even break up the love of married couples? Plenty strong! When did God ever hint Satan was weak?

No race is bad, no people. So never condemn one, but best to remember, sometimes they can go bad. As we all know, Hitler and Satan had some 
unusual ideas about race mixing. But then again, don't most groups want to preserve themselves, but secretly wish others don't.
Can you feel that little itch deep inside your heart? All hearts carry it.
Not so easy to get rid that secret longing for group advantages over other groups is it? It is all too natural.

I guess it's a good thing police have uniforms, isn't it? Keeps them together. It is that 'together bond', forged with uniforms and training,
 which enables a cop or fireman to risk his life for a civilian. A marine or ranger uses the same group instinct for finding the drive to fight
 a group enemy. When you bond so strongly with a larger group you lose your lone self. How many Marines ever charged an enemy position
 thinking only of himself? Any? When they face death they're thinking much more of the group needs, not their own. This is the heart of a true soldier. 

When you watch West Point cadets celebrate graduation together, soldiers fight together, sport teams play together, bees and ants work together,
fish swim together, birds fly together, wolves hunt together, cattle graze together, dolphins and killer whales swim together, deep down inside, 
behind it all, is the same instinct. We just have a lot more sophisticated thinking overlaying that instinct. But underneath it all, is that all important
feeling, of belonging to a group. When you belong so much inside yourself, your identity has become, IS the group identity. 

Once I believed caring about clothes was stupid. I was so smart I was stupid. So what do your clothes say about you?