Educational Problem

Then I was told, "You must prophesy again about many peoples, nations, languages and kings."

Here is a problem I sense coming psychically. The modern stresses of information overload is reaching a critical point. The struggle to understand
 an increasing world of information is becoming harder and harder to grasp. So the human race is starting to change. I can sense this. Parts of it are
 beginning to evolve for greater intelligence. Not by much, at least, I don't sense it yet. 

Some children already have been born with the improvement. It comes from the struggle in schools to understand more complex information. 
I suspect the Japanese might experience more of these kids first. Because they struggle so much to educate themselves.

Trouble is, with today's educational system, allowing gangs to take away the effort of too many minority kids from struggling to learn in schools,
they are depriving themselves of the chance to evolve with the rest. The intelligence stress for adaption isn’t there. 
When a group gives up on itself, it goes from educational values to the predatory lifestyle values most gangs have in common. 
The 'if I can't make it, I'll steal or con it' attitude.  Thus the get-over attitude is born. The player attitude is born,' I'll tell you whatever you need
to hear from me, to get out of you what I want', then it's a fuck you to you, once I get it. The predatory pride of being in a gang is born. The pride 
of being scared of is born. Being proud of hurting your enemies is born. All the social approval for being a predator is born. Then comes the
 street gang problems. Often with gang hand signs displaying this predatory pride.

If whites and Asians take the jump in intelligence then the differences will be too great to overcome. I sense it, it is like the rumbling of a
fast current of water under a sheet of ice. It is building force, some leaks have already occurred.
There is a new environment to adapt to. The information rich world today is that environment. Just as scientists have missed another
obvious connection. When people left Africa, the simple fact of moving, the stress of adapting to new environments with new game to hunt,
to find or build new shelters was such a stress for increased intelligence in the past. And with all the traveling, forcing the brain to grow,
did calves also grow with all the walking/traveling, hmmm? 

Do good legs on a woman biologically represent a people who have done a lot of traveling? Represent a people whose gene pool has 
demonstrated very successful adaptations to different environments?  Maybe there is a deeper reason why so many men find women
with good legs attractive.

Is there a general connection between growing brains and calves? Are attractive legs and eyes on a woman both subliminal genetic
indicators for bigger brains to males? Both indicators for this hidden evolutionary force for better capabilities for adaption?  
When a brain is forced to map its environment, forced to make new connections in the brain. Gearing it for greater adaption
for survival, it needs to grow to become smarter.
Thus the more this need grew, because of changing environments; a new need to change the environment for survival grew with it.
Thus the impulse to build grew with it. Whites and Asians don't realize it, but they are as wired to build as birds are to fly.
They can not, not do it.      

Education has to be improved and gangs busted so certain groups don't fall behind, getting left behind when the new changes 
for the brain will occur on a world scale. Now with computers everywhere, I can sense the change in human intelligence will take off again
.Going up. 

The predatory life style of gangs someday will be preyed on, wiped out for good by the newly intelligent and vastly more organized
minds of the future. If they start looking for rapid gene changes in certain populations I'm certain they'll find it, question is,
 will they realize what they are looking for? 

The above was one of most baffling problems I experienced in understanding all this. I knew God wanted to manage all people
 in an equal way no matter what. Yet it was the first Antichrist from France, Napoleon, who released the capacity for modern technology
 in Europe. Rome could of become industrialized if events had gone differently. Why did God use the church to slow down progress in
 Europe for so long, yet preserve knowledge? Was God against progress? A sore loser against Satan? Worse, a liar and an user? 
These doubts held me back for years. Why would I fight for this? Especially since I loved technology and science since I was a kid. 

I was trained to be a software engineer with a BS in computer science. I can't even count the hours I spend building and rebuilding
computers. My hobby. I found these ideas personally repulsive and I couldn't shake them for a long time. I pondered them as I searched
Newegg for neat new computer parts practically on a daily basis to build new computers.  

Technology itself is the new environment and there will be a new intelligence adaption for it. If technology isn't spread fast enough around
the globe, with an equally important drive to learn, then some groups will be left behind. 

Hitler must of sensed this truth. So must have Napoleon, but being further in the past, his feel for it was weaker. Hitler felt the need to keep
 technology among the winners, for him, it meant the Germans after the war. He probably sensed it would lead to not only superior technology, 
but to superior brains in German gene pool in the long run. So not educating non-Germans became a must on his list of things to do after he 
won the war. 

Satan will argue to the technologically superior nations of the world that God cannot possibly run the world for the general betterment of Mankind.
Especially if it becomes an established belief that some groups are naturally smarter and more capable than others.

So the racially divided mindset, the willingness of using genocide, the constant play on racial hatred and speeches about inferiors naturally flowed
from his brain. Hitler sensed his mystical connection to a greater plan, but didn't sense it was coming from Satan, not God.  Knowing somehow inside,
very hard cold hearts were needed to carry out all the killing required to implement his plans. Hitler must have feared mercy and compassion in the feelings
of his soldiers. Sensing he couldn't fully implement his plans with soldiers emotionally weighted down by mercy and compassion. 

But as I said before, if Satan concludes he will lose his war against God. If he loses his influence over world events. He will switch his focus from a victory
 over God to a global nuclear war, hoping he can do better when civilization starts all over again. Like a sore loser tipping the game board over when he 
realizes he will lose the game. With a,  'fuck it. Let us start over again' attitude. 

If God becomes fair in his management of organized left brain activities in certain populations then Satan might settle back into his former position
of being his best friend. His first angel. But if he is convinced God can not control his people, convinced God can not control left brain corruption on
a world scale, and he can not defeat God on Earth, he’ll resort to nuclear war.

The only way to detect a global nuclear war if it occurs is to realize that information travels backwards in time, and in an all out nuclear world,
most people will be either dead or gene damaged.  That is when even relatives will mate. Not unlike the incest problems in the Bible with the first people.
The undamaged gene pool will bottle neck again. The instinct against incest will be lifted inside the young survivors. Having babies, no matter with who,
will become the primary instinct. The incest taboo fails if the gene pool is under the danger of extinction.  

Only when the gene pool becomes varied enough will the incest taboo be felt again. If the instinct against incest suddenly drops in a generation,
with a sudden willingness for it, you can figure out from the age of that generation, when the global nuclear war will occur.
Even figure out which cities might survive. 

If a global nuclear war happens many groups will say goodbye to living. And it will start all over again, in a varied way. God will use racial subgroups,
who use their left brains better to write a new Bible. Satan will fight to release his mechanical abilities in new nations, trying to build another Rome again.
God again, tearing it apart from within, having a future church trying to smother the premature releasing of Satan's abilities, before a newer version
of Mankind matures into the wisdom necessary to stop a global nuclear war.  

With God wondering again how do I win this war? With Satan wondering how do I overcome his rule? How do I overthrow him? 
Again with their war starting all over again.

The secret is making both group minds settle their differences. With a mature Mankind becoming a key player for the first time in their war.
Seeing Satan is not all that bad either, that is old smear tactics from the left brain.  Using information to smear its enemies is a natural for the left brain,
as it is for the right brain to shoot its enemies. 

We are both brains, not just one. The right can be brutal, sadistic, and paranoia, but the left can be stingy, petty, and manipulating. 
Both have to work together for a mature powerful future.

What is needed in education for black minorities is a way to get the left brains working. When I taught black freshmen many had no clue
how to concentrate. They were never pushed enough to learn it. But white and Asian students in better schools have their students
concentrating by the third grade. When learning shifts from rote to more conceptual thinking. When many students in urban schools suddenly
fall behind their white and Asian peers. I do not know what they are teaching in grammar and middle schools in failing schools, but I suspect not much.
I discovered in a chess chub I played in years ago that some of the younger black players could play chess all night,
yet if you spoke to most teachers on the side, most of them will tell you that their black students could not concentrate.
How could black students play chess all night without being able to concentrate? They could not. Something was wrong.

What was different about playing chess for the brain? Its thinking requires visual images to represent logical patterns.
So it is a form of thinking which first sparks the right brain into action and brings in the analytical abilities of the left brain.
It is a team effort by both brains. Which might account for why it is so addictive. Has anyone noticed that no famous aging
chess players or mathematicians never seem to have catch Alzheimer?

This is the trick to bring their left brains into more activity. First chess, then reading. But make them both mandatory in the younger grades. 
The charter schools which work tap into this knowledge have worked. Uniforms to foster a family atmosphere. Making kids run and exercise
between classes in short bursts exhausts the hyper-activity of the right brain, giving the left brain in students a chance to learn.
Will public schools do that? Only if they realize it reduces fighting. But do not hold your breath.

The other problem is Satan has a tighter grip on them through their right brains.  And has put many of them on a self destructive path. 
The wilding, the crime rates, the knockout games, the school dropout rates, all come from self-destructive impulses which have to be fought.