Psychic Network Differences

There is a major difference between how left and right brain networks work. It explains a lot about their different personalities. 

God's mind is fused by language. Diverse populations who share a common language easily fuse their left brain thinking together. 
So a nation like United States, composed of racially diverse people, easily exchanges left brain thinking because English is the
dominant language. Which means nations speaking more than one main language can’t fuse their left brain thinking as well.
Which means God’s ability to influence them from within, as a whole, is more limited than it would ordinarily be. This is a problem which hurts nations.
Africa suffers from this problem. Too many languages pocketed too many people into small tribes. Many tribes have nothing to do with each other,
 unless they’re fighting. Without a common language efficient governments are impossible. Which accounts for why some African nations
are sitting on some of the richest resources in the world without the ability to harness them. Leaders given food by foreign nations trying to
fed their hungry, only to withhold the food so they could sell the food. Starving their own people to enrich themselves individually. 

Strong mental cohesion is the biggest advantage God has over Satan. If he loses it in a nation with too many languages then even
his mind can suffer from the Tower of Babel problem. Africa is still suffering from this problem, but China overcame it. 
Let me be blunt. Jews have the highest verbal abilities of any people on the planet while blacks have the lowest.
We’re talking averages, not individuals. Jews are arguably the tightest group of people on the planet. 
They help each other across the planet, while blacks have trouble mobilizing themselves for a mutual cause. 
Jews almost never kill each other, while black on black crime is at an all time high. 
Yeshiva schools are almost without student fights, while mostly all black schools are full of fights. 
Prisons are filled with people who can’t read, but who can draw like professional artists. Told you I was going to be blunt. 

Which means what? Teaching black children to read, making their left brains more active, is critical to black social progress.
Critical to curing their dismal fifty percent high school dropout rate.  Can you imagine any other group not getting a high school
diploma at that rate in any modern Western nation, with it not being declared a national emergency? I can't. 

The fifty percent high school dropout rate among  young black students in United States is a national disgrace. 
And of the ones who do manage to graduate, only read and write at an eighth grade level on average. How is that 
an adequate education for the competitive job markets of today? It isn't. No wonder exams for becoming police and
firemen were dumbed down for them. This is no solution, it will inevitably cause racial resentment, making others races
truly believe blacks are stuck with less intelligence. When even blacks will come to believe it. When they come not to
believe in themselves, they'll seek to take power by any means possible, even if it by lying and cheating. Instinctively
trying to survive in a surrounding environment they lost confidence they can master. This is when events will get
very ugly.

If this failure rate in high schools continues much longer only one or two things will happen. Either blacks will improve
their graduation rates, or, other people will conclude that they are not as smart as other races. And the old racial stigma
of being less intelligent will come back with a vengeance in a financially broke nation. How do broke people support other people?
They don't. It's hard to be generous when you're broke.
I know a lot of people expect an economic rebound in America, but with industry and manufacturing gutted, what will it be based on?
Company profits only company executives get to keep? Investment banker's salaries on Wall Street? 

We were the best when we built things. We gave our primary strength to China. There is a new number one in the world
on the horizon. Are Americans ready to be number two? Or will we be very upset, like a champion fighter who finally loses his title?
Then the fault game will begin. When United States loses it supremacy in the world, how many nations will reexamine the 
merits of multi-cultural societies? All of them.

Teaching young black children to read is key. It has to be done by third grade so it becomes a way of life. 
And thinking has to be taught in a pictorial form because their right brains, which they use more often, will trigger
the more logical left brain into action. Chess does the job, and so does music. I would make learning chess mandatory
for young black children up to eight grade.

Jewish and Indian children are naturally left brain dominant so their left brains don't have to be triggered into activity
 but black children are more right brain dominant, so they need something to kick their left brains into action. 
I think playing chess is the perfect fit. It requires both brains to work in unison. Reading has the potential to transform the black community. 

I’m talking about minority neighborhoods transforming themselves into safe ones. In a rich America there was plenty of willingness to
financially support poor communities, but with one financially broke, you can expect that generosity to dry up. Not immediately, but it will happen.
Strange to think the more I advocated this reading solution in a few urban schools the faster it got me into trouble.
But to be fair to teachers working in rough schools, the parents and students have to both sincerely care, not just complain
about what was done to them once it is too late.

When you psychically sense God’s mind, his mental activities are smoothly meshed with language structures. 
His mental atoms are words. In the beginning was the ‘WORD’ takes on a whole new meaning doesn’t it?
 Was he talking about the beginning of reality or his mind? His mind. I don’t think the first thing which came out of nothing was a ‘WORD’.
No wonder God in the beginning favored Jews. Who loves to read and write more than them? In whose minds did
 he experience the greatest amount of control? God used Jews to spread his ways to the world, implanting his thoughts and ideas
 into their minds. Jesus knew this when he told his disciples not to worry about what they would preach, because the Father would 
speak through them. He knew God could talk through people by taking over their left brains. 

But it just isn't God who can speak through people, Satan also has the ability. Both of them have the ability because they both live inside us
Try listening to one of Hitler’s speeches, but imagine Satan using him as a mouthpiece. It will give you new insights into Satan’s personality.  
Jesus and Hitler had something in common. Their minds were tightly linked to their parent group minds. Jesus knew all people were capable
 of establishing their own links. He hinted at this truth often enough. But he also knew most people wouldn’t stumble onto it. He knew most 
people would try to find God outside themselves, never suspecting the actual journey was inwards. Not even his disciples understood it.

The real reason Hitler's speeches were so hypnotic to Germans was because Satan really spoke through him. That was why he had such great power 
over them. Why he could bend them to his will and make them do almost anything for him. What wouldn't they do for him? 
What law wouldn't they break? What war wouldn't they fight for him? Who wouldn't they kill for him? Where was the guilt over any of their crimes to others? 
The further America declines the more of this old German attitude will resurface. How could it not? The younger generation coming up will think to themselves,
 the Americans protected the Jews, and look at what Jewish bankers did to them in seventy years. They’re as bankrupt as we were before we started the
Second World War. And if America does indeed fail financially, who won’t believe them? Only Israel.

This is just one of the reasons Wall Street greed can lead to a new holocaust. Not with camps, but with an overrun Israel, 
with a too broke America to assist it anymore. And other shit coming down the pike. Their arsenal of nukes can't protect them. 
Surprised? I'll explain why later.

Now back to the kind of insane loyalty Hitler enjoyed on his rise to power. He was sincerely loved. How many politicians are actually
loved by their followers? How many receive complete devotion from their followers like he did? Those politicians are rare in history.
Where else can you see this type of devotion today? You see it in religious fanatics whose souls are filled with hate. When they fly
 jets into buildings or strap suicide bombs on themselves when they think they are on a mission for God.  All fooled, as to who they really serve. 
God can't afford such violent tactics anymore, because if he takes this hostile road, he'll lose his war in the long run. Which is why Satan pushes
killing ideas inside of hate filled minds. 

Hate is the emotional door which opens a person’s mind to Satan's influence. Hate lets him in. No man is an exception to this influence.
Not even a messiah figure. Even Jesus was swayed by this process.

What Satan does is tricky. Satan knows as long as a person’s left brain is making final decisions on what to do, he can’t win that person over.
Left brains are for God and that is that. But he knows when a person becomes angry, the right brain assumes more control.
 So he arouses the right brain in that person by evoking hate, to establish control of that person. When the right brain takes over,
 the person switches over to Satan’s perspective. Then Satan has him. 

Some very angry stupid people instinctively sense this. When they are in an argument with someone smarter, sometimes they’ll resort
to becoming loud. Why loud?  Because when they become loud, expressing anger, it turns off the smarter left brain in who they are
arguing with, bringing out the dumber right brain in that person. Sometimes bringing out a very dumb right brain in someone just
left brain smart. They know they can’t win a debate with a smarter left brain, but in a shouting match with a dumber right brain they might win. 

You got a pack of dumb kids walking through the mall, feeling insecure, not feeling as smart as the people around them. They don't like that feeling.
So what can they do about it? How do they establish emotional dominance of the people around them to make themselves feel less insecure?
They become loud, rude, crude, and self-important as they talk to each other, making sure people around them overhear every stupid word they say. 
They socially intrude on others. What they're doing is very impolite, and they know it. But they don't care. Why don't they care? 

This process serves a purpose, it makes other people turn on their right brains, disrupting their more social left brain thinking. 
Once they achieved this in the surrounding people, they pulled those people into their arena. They established a new social pecking order
where their pack puts them on top.  It's their animalistic way of establishing dominance over the people around them. And often, it works.
Some people with only one developed brain can be very immature and stupid with the other. Have you ever met someone who first appeared brilliant,
but when they became emotional, they starting acting like a baby? Or the opposite, someone who is handy, but barely reads, and is ignorant
of the world for it. One becomes babyish, the other, crude. 

I’m not talking about creative people with a childlike sense of humor. Humor and creativity are married in most minds. 
Creativity is the ability to make long range associations between ideas. And so is humor. They both flow from the same mind spring. 
Blacks are more gifted in humor and creativity. Their left brain handicaps them, not their right brain.
Have you ever noticed how Muslims wail when they are gathered in the streets over a tragedy?
 Why don't the Swedes or the Japanese do it?

When Muslims feel overwhelming grief, often their right brains express it. Instead of a controlled expression of grief, 
they often wail, because their right brains are not accustomed to controlling themselves. They haven’t logged in enough
right brain usage time to have developed control. Populations with more right brain usage never wail. Notice how the
Japanese expressed their grief over their recent flooding? No wailing.

When a right brain isn’t used enough, or it is too strong, it is ripe for takeover from Satan. Too weak, and it has no self control.
Easy to get in for Satan. Too strong, and Satan can overpower the left brain. 
If the right brain in a person is very strong, stronger than the left brain, or close, anger can put it in charge of making final decisions.
So God loses control of that person, and Satan gains it. With a strong steady right brain in charge of a person, that person can
become methodical in its planning against God and Jews. Cold and calculating. 

Control in an immature right brain is unsteady; it needs more anger, more hostility to stay in control.  The mental grip on that person
is unsteady for Satan. The anger bubbles up like a volcano. This is how Satan grips most Muslims.  The type of emotional grip Satan 
had on Nazis and Muslims is different. One could be cold in its killing of Jews, the other hot.   

This is why you can't reason with this type of hatred. It doesn't matter how logical your argument is, doesn't matter how right it is, 
because reasoning can only win over the left brain in a person. How does that help in a person where the hate comes from the right brain? It doesn't. 

Many Jews fail to understand this, but some sense it. How many smart educated people instinctively sense, if they're in the wrong company,
or in the wrong bar, that being too smart with their mouths might get their asses kicked? They sense, that somehow being smart is better 
reserved for people ruled by their left brain, like in a court or in college classroom, but not in a bar with people ruled by their right brains. 
It is harder for group minds to seize a population if they are more balanced in their brain usage. This inability is another reason God decided 
not to use non Semitic people to write his Bible.

This BALANCE is key. This balance is a failsafe plan for humanity. A plan put in place by the Holy Spirit. 
Some lawyers suffer from only using their left brains. Some of them never matured their right brains because they avoided using them.
Not giving them enough time to develop and mature. Without good right brains their intuitive abilities might be stupid in comparison
to their analytical skills. Resulting in idiot decisions. Defending people who would kill Jews if they got their way in the world. 
Defending laws which would only work against them in the long run. Or on Wall Street, being Jewish, but helping to bankrupt the
one nation which supports Israel.

One other point. Satan is in all right brains which means he is also in Jews and other people he hates to be in. 
When he hates the people he is in, he makes them feel self-loathing, or makes them self-destructive. How did you think self-loathing Jews were created,
unless a part of themselves, didn't like themselves? 
It isn’t just God and Satan who can speak through you, sometimes, although much rarer, a past personality of your own soul can do it. 
There is some sort of protective psychic filter which keeps the past personalities of your soul from surfacing into your present personality.       
Each physical life should only be experienced by one personality. Who wants to watch two movies at the same time? It robs from each one.
Sometimes the psychic memory filter breaks down. 

Sometimes when a soul is stressed too much, it reaches deep down inside for past personalities who are better able to cope with a current crisis.
But it has to be one hell of an emotional crisis to break a psychic memory filter. Sometimes I wondered if actors had more of this ability. Maybe they're
people who are more able to reach back into former personalities to bring them up to their emotional surfaces in order to play a role more effectively.
Exactly how deeply can they take on a new personality when they're playing a role? But back to Jews and their relationship to God in the early days. 
God compelled Jews to record their early history with him. When he chose them to spread his word he made a pact with them. The chosen ones were 
born from this spiritual pact. But why did God select Jews to spread his word to the world?

Semitic men share strong left brains with genes on their male Y chromosome chain which ensures left brain dominance over their right brains.
So without knowing why, they made sure their most important religious positions stayed with men in the past. Their women were given second class status.
But not with Satan. He threw those ways out of Europe. Unless you were in a church, or a mosque, or a synagogue. 
This is why European men can appreciate a beautiful woman, but Muslim men will try to cover her up. 

Are you starting to taste part of the bitter truth yet? Bet you are. Not all black and white is it? Not all good versus all evil is it? 
It explains why God and Satan went into hiding. 

Would you blindly kill for Satan? Would you blindly sacrifice your life for God? Would you? Or would you step back with a, wait a minute attitude? 
Do you understand why God was so concerned about loyalty to him now? God knew most people couldn't be trusted with his secrets.
Always testing loyalty to him in the past.

I know some of you are wondering how could composite minds think of themselves as Gods? Not exactly all powerful are they? 
Full of anger and insecurities. So what is their supposed superiority based on? What gives them the right to put their own interests before human interests? 
But is our own value system any different? Would you ever consider any cell within yourself, equal to yourself? Not really. 
hey believe, because they represent our larger collective interests, and, as individuals, we can’t, they should rule over us. 
Don’t you feel your collective personality should rule over any individual cell within you? Don't you only care about your individual cells 
only as far as they contribute to your whole? Which is you.  Their value system is just a larger extension of our own.  

God and Satan matured over centuries. It was hard for them in the beginning to give us serious consideration because we were just smaller parts within them.
But humanity grew stronger over time. It finally grew strong enough to end all human life on the planet. To even end their lives as group minds. 
They’re ageless, but not immune to death. Group minds can be hurt, even die. But only a nuclear war can do it. The timing of when they're ready
to come out isn't a coincidence once humanity armed itself with nuclear weapons. Their main problem is that they are locked in a never ending war
they can’t extract themselves from. An unacceptable war in a nuclear age. They have only one key to escape an impending nuclear holocaust.
A human key. You're part of that key. 

What can a person do that they can't? Each person reaches into both minds. People can use this ability to stop them from fighting inside them both. 
They would only have to know they have the ability and how to use it.
This was a clever design by the Holy Ghost. He knew only people could stop their war before it really got out of hand, before it went fully nuclear. 
People could only settle their differences if group minds became fair with each other.    
The Holy Ghost knows that all growing group minds need to perfect a balance between its parts and the whole. A balance between management and labor.
Even physical realities reflect this truth in their absence of contradictions in physical laws. Spiritual realities require balance even more. 
One of the special things about United States is that its government reflects this in their effort to balance state and federal powers. 
This is why so many feel there is something special about United States. That somehow it more fairly represents the interests of all peoples. 
Which is one of the reasons why so many in the world don't feel upset with the United States policing the world. Trusting it, to not abuse power.   
If humanity can't achieve the balance on their own, from within. then why should it be entrusted to grow larger and more influential in the universe? 
When it could make an impact on other developing civilizations.  
When God and Satan both openly help us, our scientific progress will explode. Our knowledge will also expand into the spiritual side of reality.
Everything will change. I don't really know if God can carry out his promise to end all tears, but he'll try. 
But he can easily be among us considering where he really lives. Now let's get back shall we?

No matter how religious some Muslims are, no matter how close they feel to God, part of them is buried in misery.
Because their creative right brains are buried under super strict social rules. Someday that collective resentment will rise in revolt. 
Their women will feel the revolt first. Eve bringing Adam the apple symbolized this kind of revolt.
This is why any Muslim plan to out populate Europe from within is doomed to failure. In order for Muslims to spread their ways,
the left brain would have to smother the right brain. This isn’t allowed by the Holy Ghost. Can you imagine trying to take away the 
right of Germans to drink their beer, or the French and Italians to drink their wine? That would be a declaration of cultural war for them.
The Holy Ghost won’t allow God to rule mankind if he rules as an unfair tyrant. If he smothers the creative abilities of the right brain.
Being a tyrant contradicts the purpose of his existence. It also sterilizes the progress of a society. If that occurs the Life Force will 
eventually betray that society. Dooming it to failure. I'll explain the Life Force later. 

Then why is God trying to push total left brain control in Europe by using Muslims to push Islamic laws in Europe? He isn’t pushing it. 
Satan is. But why would he do it? Isn’t it contrary for his plans for Europe? Yes, in the long run it is, but not in the short run. Plans spanning human lifetimes.
Considering what you know about them now, what do you think is the biggest danger as far as Satan is concerned? Isn’t a big part of their war biological?
Isn’t a lot of their war about which populations use their left brains or right brains more? For many people upbringing greatly influences brain usage,
but not in Semitic populations with their natural genetic predisposition towards using their left brains. It’s more nature over nurture for how their minds work. 
The genetic trait for left brain dominance is dangerous for Satan if it spreads too much in Europe. So how does he deal with this problem?

This is the tricky part. God knows he can’t abuse his power by becoming too strict in populations created to be more balanced. 
It would hinder progress by choking creativity which would turn the Life Force against him. So he doesn’t push too much. 
He knows he has to temper his ways with different populations. 
So what does Satan do? He influences radical religious minds to become unreasonable, to become inflexible, ungrateful, 
and unable to assimilate into European cultures. Satan makes them overstep their boundaries in Europe. But to what purpose? 
How does this help him?

Satan knows the right brains in white Europeans will grow resentful and find Islamic laws repugnant in their own nations in the long run.
This in turn will trigger a group genetic response in whites to become racist for real. When social approval for the attitude becomes condoned.
Every biological group, like a body, has a safety mechanism built into it, to protect the body from foreign invaders. When our bodies realize they
have been invaded by germs an alarm is triggered. A biological alarm which triggers the production of white cells in them.
There is a similar group mechanism which protects racial gene pools. Satan is trying to trigger it in Europe. But he can’t do it unless
Muslims don’t assimilate into Europe without trying to subvert it. So what does he have to do to pull this trigger?

He has to inject hatred of Western life styles into the minds of radical Muslims. Making them hate the Western nations they live in.
Making them headstrong and intolerant. Making it impossible for them to assimilate into European culture. Even making them insist on 
living under Islamic law in populations which couldn’t tolerate it. 

The English, the Italians, the French, the Spanish, the Germans, the Russians, and more populations could never live under Islamic law. 
Not unless they were conquered. Which is why some Muslims believe they have to conquer Europe, not with guns, 
but by producing more babies. When they do that, they have declared war on Europeans.
Now back to psychic networks.

What does God's mind feel like? Like New York City with all sorts of people walking the streets.
Each person as a left brain, with the city itself representing God. 

This is a small taste of how it feels to psychically perceive his mind. This is why God likes to occupy nations 
of mixed people, but only if those people can get along and help each other. Being smart helps a lot. Why smart?
Smarter left brains are more able to fuse his mind. Enabling him to develop complex governments for handling social problems.  

When Satan doesn't like living inside a population he will make it self-destructive. Self-destruction will result. 
But why doesn't Satan care for all his sub-kingdoms equally? Why are his emotional priorities and commitments different for different racial groups?
Why isn't he more like God in his attitude towards different racial groups? 

To answer this question we have to understand how his network differs from God's network. Then the answer will become apparent.  

Satan's mind is structured differently from God's mind. It is broken into racial sub-kingdoms. Because he can't use language to integrate
his mind like God does he uses emotions, bits of language, and information expressed in images to fuse his mind. His mind isn't as smoothly 
integrated as God's. His mind feels more divided, more broken up. Not unlike old feudal kingdoms in Europe. 

Picture his mind as different castles located very far away from each other. Each castle belonging to a different racial group. 
Each castle putting itself before the other castles. All castles not wishing to share power with each other. 
Making it hard for them to work together for a mutual cause. Kingdoms in war with each with a winner take all attitude.
But why does Satan cluster his mind into racial groups?

It is easier for Satan to link right brains within the same racial group. Right brains don’t fuse their mental activities with language,
those mental links hardly exist in his mind, so he fuses them easier into racial groups. Racial groups are less influenced by culture
than by genetics. It is nature over nurture for Satan’s mind. For God it is more nurture over nature.  	

This is why social bonding along racial lines is more important for Satan than for God. Racial divisions are more important for Satan. 
Explaining why Satan is more racist. Why Hitler was. This explains why less intelligent people are usually more racist.
Not always, just more often. Explaining why more blacks hate Jews than Jews hate blacks. Goes with the mental territory. 

This also explains why Hitler had to start his movement with less educated brown shirt members from the lower segments of 
German society to convert Germany over to his rule. It explains why ghetto blacks and red necks are both more racist on average. 
Racist attitudes never came from skin color. Right brains are naturally more abrasive. Why many biker bars have their fair share of fights.  Reading helps cure this problem.
Why should one racial kingdom care for any other?

Cain, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

The emotion which overcomes the repulsive emotional force between races in right brains is lust. 
The most racist black man can suddenly act subdued to lure in a blonde. Racist Japanese soldiers had no problems raping
pretty Chinese, Korean, and English nurses. German concentration camp officers had no problems keeping pretty Jewish women
as lovers while they were sending their families to death. 

What removes much of this problem? Early education in reading. But can this emotional problem be entirely removed from minds?
No. Controlled...yes, Even in the most liberal people can be racist deep inside. They just hide it better.
Now picture yourself as Satan. You’re mentally scattered all over the planet. It almost hurts when you try to fuse your entire mind together.
So what do you do with the parts which don’t implement your plans? Kill them of course. Aren't you violent anyway? Does genocide taste
morally bad to you? Or does it feel like an aspirin for your headache?

When Satan takes over a population genocide becomes not only morally acceptable, it becomes appealing. 
Many Germans knew Jews were being killed, but a part of their minds chose to ignore it. Even being a former victim doesn’t change these feelings. 
Ask an Israeli soldier when he is bulldozing family homes of suspected terrorists if he feels sorry. This poison lives in all people.