Conversation With Jesus

Now imagine you traveled back in time to talk to Jesus. Asking, "How do you do your miracles? Magic?" Jesus, "I talk to God and ask him. I usually pray first." You, "And how does he do it?" Jesus, "He looks into what is and changes it." You, "With his mind?" Jesus laughing, "What else?" You, "So he can change what is with his thoughts. And you can do miracles, by backing your mind with his. When your WILL becomes his own." Jesus, "Go on." You, "His power becomes your own." Jesus, "And...?" You, "And when he overlays his mind with the mind of the Holy Ghost you all can claim to be the same being, can't you? The Trinity concept. The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost." Jesus, "Interesting. What else?" You, "But when he trusts you with commanding his composite mind, the struggle of your human will within his own is always in question. Since even you carry a bit of Satan's mind within you. Isn't that a great concern of God? When you might go against his will?" Jesus, "What do you think? Wasn't this always the key issue between us? Didn't Satan try to use it against me twice? Once in the desert, testing to see if he could trick me into placing my will over God's in our mental union. And at a second time, when I wasn't sure if I could go through with the crucifixion. When I had to finally concede to God's will of my fate. You know, 'not as I will, but as you will'. But don't I, in a smaller degree, represent this same problem in Satan's mind? Don't I also carry a bit of God within Satan's mind?" You, "True. But you're not any of the three antichrists which will be send in the future to go against your teachings are you?" Jesus, "Yes. I can't be any of them. So what do you think about how the three antichrists will feel about my presence within their own minds? Will they fear me? Feel me in them, combating their efforts for Satan? How do you think Satan will fight me in the future?" You, "You work by making people feel the misery of others don't you? By feeling some of the pain they cause others?" Jesus, "One way." You, "So he would block your emotional efforts at internal sabotage. He would have to block your internal emotional interference in the souls of people." Jesus, "Yes, but how?" You, "Opposite feelings I think. No mercy and no compassion for enemies." Jesus, "Exactly. And when you find such a person, will you know whose side he fights on?" You, "So you'll take the harshness out of Satan. Or try to." Jesus, "Like you said. Try to." You, "But isn't God also harsh? Doesn't he warn everybody about eternal punishment if we disobey him? How is he any different from Satan? Why should I prefer one over the other?" Jesus, "Yes, you're right. God seemed too harsh at first with people didn't he?" You, "You bet. Most people feared him more than loved him." Jesus, "Don't you think God knows that?" You, "If he did, he didn't do anything about it?" Jesus, "Are you sure about that?" You, "Sort of." Jesus, "What about me? Are you scared of me? Do you fear me?" You, "No. But you're not God. You're just a man." Jesus, "Why don't you fear me? Tell me." You, "Ah, let me think. You drank with sinners. Didn't seem to judge sinners too harshly like God." Jesus, "Anything else about me you trusted?" You, "You always seemed to put the interests of others before your own." Jesus, "What else...?" You, "You died before hating your enemies. Even forgave them on the cross. What a stupid thing to do." Jesus, "Stupid? How so?" You, "Fuck man, they hated your guts. What did you ever do to them?" Jesus, "They were scared of my ideas. Ideas which might upset the social order of those on top. Wasn't that a good example of how much they really loved their fellow man?" You, "So why do it? It was dumb. Real dumb. I would have killed those bastards." Jesus, "But knowing what I did. How does it make you feel about the way I would weight your interests against my own best interests?" You, "I guess it makes me feel I can trust you." Jesus, "How much trust?" You laughing, "With even your life." Jesus, "And if I told you God realized your problem. And gave up judging people directly from his composite mind." You, "Gave up?" Jesus, "Who can judge what a man goes through in life better? A fellow man or a God?" You, "A God." Jesus, "Why?" You, "A God would know more." Jesus, "Really? You sure about that? Would he know how it feels to be a frail human better? Or how it feels to be tempted by passion better? Would he understand your cravings and vices better? Or would he just know more about them? But not feel them as a man would inside. Not understand how it feels to give in to vices? You understand more about a mouse than a mouse does, but who understands better what it feels like to be one?" You, "Didn't think about that before." Jesus, "Some things are better understood by emotions than by the intellect." You, "You might be right." Jesus laughing, "Might be? I'll settle for that. So if I told you I was the part of God he uses to make decisions about people, what would you think?" You, "Meaning what? You're the human cell within his own composite mind he uses to judge us?" Jesus, "Exactly. I know him and I know you. I'm his bridge to Mankind. To the people within his Mind." You, "Nice job if true." Jesus, "Don't be too quick to judgment. The job requires I service him, thus all Mankind within him. So you can actually think of me as your slave in some ways." You, "You're kidding? My slave?" Jesus, "But a slave who God uses to judge people." You, "So you're telling me God uses a human to judge people?" Jesus, "Think of it this way. When God starts to judge you, he'll tap into the part of himself he trusts the most, the human cell who'll understand the vices of humans best. And with compassion." You, "Then that is you." Jesus, "Yes. Then can't I say to you that you cannot go to the Father except by me?" You, "Guess so." Jesus, "And would it surprise you if I could forgive sins then?" You, "Guess not. It would go with the job." Jesus, "So would you trust God more if you knew he'll judge you through me? Would you still fear him so?" You, "Not really. Not if I knew it was you judging me. You seem rather easy going even with the worse in us." Jesus, "Then I guess dying on the cross winning your trust completely wasn't so dumb after all. Was it?" You, "Guess not. Ouch." Jesus, "Anymore questions?" You, "Can minds fuse their efforts?" Jesus, "Did I not advise others to pray together? Why do you think I advised that?" You, "If I learn to bring my mind into a magical state by reciting certain words like you do when you pray to God before doing a miracle, can I do magic?" Jesus, "If you could. Would you still call it magic?" You, "So you're not so unique. You pray and some others make chants and spells to focus the same abilities you do, only on a smaller scale I think." Jesus, "And...? Is it one or two minds which can be tapped into?" You, "Ah, the other side also must be able to tap into this ability." Jesus, "But what? Go on. Which side has a stronger composite mind?" You, "God. So God is stronger on the other side and in doing miracles. But Satan's other abilities make him stronger down here." Jesus, "So can you say God rules heaven and Satan down here? What do you think?" You, "Guess so." Jesus, "What did I say once? Do you remember?" You, "All these things I do, you can do as well,...." Jesus, "..and more. If you know how that is."