The Real God but not the White Light(Holy Ghost)

God is composed of all the Left Brains in all of Mankind. Picture a super-mind secretly living inside all of Mankind. A mind people are unaware of. Because of trust issues God hides from people. Limited and not the all-powerful White Light which fuses the countless soul within itself with unconditional Love. The White Light is the Holy Ghost. A super-mind built from all the left brains inside every man, woman, and child alive today. It is ageless. It uses telepathy to fuse its left brains. Like your brain cells work together to create your overall mind, it uses all the Left Brains in Mankind to create the mind of God. A living God, whose kingdom is within all people. Jesus, "Believe me when I say, I am within the Father, and the Father is within me." But Jesus wasn't God anymore than any one of our brain cells is our overall mind. If he was truly God, then praying to himself was kinda weird. God uses Jesus to represent him to Mankind. Knowing that, if you were Jesus, saying you cannot go to the Father except by him makes sense. Making sense he can judge people for God also makes sense. Why does God need Jesus to represent him to mankind? Because God might not be acceptable to the majority of people in the world. The core people he represents are Jews and Muslims because they use their left brains most and right brains least. This why Jews and Muslims feel so chosen by God. But that truth doesn't carry much weight with the rest of the world who like using their right brains more. So God knew someday when the truth about him came out, he would need a Jesus type person to represent him to the world. The CEO of Facebook would not make the grade. Since the left brain houses verbal processing, it uses language to think. Thinking thoughts beyond what any single human is capable of, a super-mind living inside all of us Since we are biologically cross wired inside, our left brains control the right sides of our bodies. It controls all of our right hands. It believes it should rule us because it is able to regulate every activity in every nation and in every people. It wants all nations to peacefully work together. With stronger populations looking after the weaker ones. Its purpose is to interface between the Holy Spirit, the infinite mind behind this universe, and Mankind. A super-mind with human emotions because it is built from humans. This is the old Biblical God. He represents management more than labor. Jesus worked as a carpenter so he could relate to both super-minds. He could only fairly represent both sides if he knew them both equally well from within. No Jewish priest fit the bill. He had to be an outsider. As Moses had to be an outsider to liberate his people. Same deal, different times. 1: The left brain processes verbal information. 2: It is logical and rational in viewing problems. 3: It sees the world through the conceptual eyes of WORDS. 4: It is meeker than the right brain. 5: The left brain controls the right side of our body and our right hand. 6: It is good at classical music and sequential logic. 7: And did not God once say, “My Glorious Right Hand” 8: It is a better manipulator than the right brain. 9: Left brains use language skills to socially organize more effectively. So groups with very strong language abilities organize more strongly. Nowhere is this more evident than in the population which tests highest for verbal abilities, the Jews. This is why God chose them, influencing them from within, to write the Bible. Their weakness was corruption. Making their own group more important to themselves than outsiders. LEFT-BRAINERS are people who usually just use their left brains to understand the world. This accounts for the feeling in some Jews they are the chosen people. A feeling shared by other groups with similar preferences in using their left brains over their right brains. Such as Muslims. They also feel a natural strong bonding with God within them. God is a hidden Left Brain Consciousness Network occupying Mankind. A Left Brain Network using ESP to communicate information between all the left brains of all the people in the world, creating a hidden super mind inside Mankind. As your brain cells add to you, they add to God. A living God within all of us. His counterpart is another super mind composed of all the right brains inside Mankind. Satan. Just like our brains cells add up to our collective entity, with an all-prevailing oneness, creating one identity, in us, the 'ME' in us. This collection of left brains in all of mankind adds up to another entity, a super entity, which resides in all of us. This is why the old Biblical God was sometimes insecure about our loyalty to him. His biggest concern since he lived in mankind was, still is, would we obey him? That concern made him sometimes angry, sometimes jealous. God has very human emotions because he lives inside all of us, but is far above us at the same time. As our inner collective 'I' is above any one of our brain cells. The Holy Ghost made God to interface between him and people. The mind of the Holy Ghost is too far above our own spiritual development to have any common ground with us. So he created a middle entity, God, on one side he could interface with the Holy Ghost, on the other side, he could concern himself with the practical side of people living everyday lives. This is why God was always concerned about this world. The Holy Ghost has bigger things to worry about than a little planet. So by nature, God might naturally prefer people with more left brain intelligence. Naturally preferring a people who he could spend more time thinking in. God thinks with Words. God, “In the beginning was the WORD." This saying takes on a whole new meaning now. And makes more sense. Friend, 'Moses. What did God look like?' Moses, 'My eyes could not look upon him. He is not of flesh and blood, but of eternal mind. He spoke to me in my mind, and the ‘WORD’ was God. And now I know his light dwells in every man.' Notice how he didn’t say; now he knows God is everywhere. He localized him inside all people. A living God within us all. Are there any other clues about God’s true nature? YOU BET! Question to Jesus, “When will we see the Kingdom of Heaven?” Doesn’t that mean fancy roads, thrones, and palaces? It should, shouldn’t it? What else is a Kingdom? But if God’s mind dwells in us then where is his Kingdom really? Within us, isn't it? Moses knew, but did Jesus? Jesus, “When it comes, you’ll see it not. No man will be able to point and say to you...‘here it is or there it is’, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You.” Yes, Jesus knew what Moses knew, and like Moses, he hid the truth behind hints, but never lies. It was too soon for the truth. Jesus, “I shall stand on the right side of God’s throne.” How obvious is this statement by Jesus now that you know God’s left brains controls all the right sides of every person’s body in the world? Including all our right hands. Which hand is the bad hand? The left hand controlled by Satan of course. See how easy it all is once you know the truth? Child’s play. Question : Even if our conscious minds didn’t know the truth, wouldn’t our unconscious minds know it? Answer: Yes. Buried in all of us is the truth. Our souls always knew it. And that truth leaked upwards in all sorts of other clues, just beyond the grasp of our conscious minds. Like this old saying about when our minds are in a tug of war between doing right or wrong, “The Devil on my left shoulder (controlled by the right brain), and an Angel on my right shoulder (controlled by our left brain).” Any other inspired sayings hinting at the truth? On Judgment Day, if the Book of Life is given to you in your right hand, which is controlled by God, you go to Heaven. Then you shall go to the right side of God. Got it? God is in us. But he isn't the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is all the information in reality. And that information adds to the mind behind everything. The Holy Spirit. How does some of this stuff show up today? People in the past sat around and discussed ideas that is how some of this buried information came out in the past. In discussions and writings. But times have changed. We have movies today. The Star Wars and Matrix movies captured some of these ideas. Both had a quasi-religious feel about them. Both were blockbusters because of it, of course special effects helped. Some fans couldn’t get enough of the movies. Some watched them so many times they lost count. One of the first science fiction shows which captured this conflict was the original Star Trek. A show I loved as a kid. Before any of these ideas start floating through my mind. The show captured the logical left side versus the intuitive right in the most famous pair in science fiction. Captain Kirk and Spock. Except Kirk was a good guy. But again, the theme became a hook to addict audiences. Some science fiction shows captured the themes. And they became some of the best shows ever on TV. I don’t think most of the public has caught on to them yet, but someday they will, and then the shows will be rediscovered for even larger audiences outside of science fiction. Give it time. The ultimate blockbuster is the movie which finds a way to present these ideas pretty straight forward, but who will do it? Wonder who the creative minds will be? All ALIVE information, everywhere, is the Holy Spirit. But instead of concerning himself with human matters so much, because he is so much bigger than God, he concerns himself with the entire universe. But still, now you have the three. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. God wrestles with Satan in world affairs. Since language is his form of thinking, he uses people who use their left brain best to influence world affairs. He uses lawyers, finance people, computer people, politicians, and other such people to get his way. Sometimes the people he uses become corrupt, not being able to handle the feelings seeping down into their minds from God. Notice how many Jews became corrupt in handling money? Knowing how damaging the bad image is to them, especially to them, but they still did it anyway. Notice how Wall Street became self-indulgent? They're bailed out by working taxpayers who they just screwed over, then foolishly reward themselves on the profits made with even more bonuses. Doesn't a thief have the same sense of morality? Is it genetic greed(social stupidity) or Satan's influence from within? You’re going to figure that out soon. Worse, when they sensed God’s fight with Satan within their minds, instead of understanding it, with all its social implications for proper behavior, they destroyed many labor jobs in America by shipping them out, while reaping the financial benefits of outsourcing. Not giving a damn they were putting out of work, the very people, whose grandparents fought to save their lives from Hitler. Hitler accused Jews of money greed. He used his accusation as an excuse for the Final Solution. Isn’t this insanity on a cosmic scale? Feeling some sort of petty victory over people who use their hands to make a living. The little people. Relishing a potentially suicidal victory over those who use their right brains better. Satan appealed to their inner greed to corrupt them for his future objectives which I’ll explain later in this book. The Holy Ghost gave God the job of managing mankind's affair. That is why his mind houses the abilities for the task. His biggest ability is verbal ability. From his verbal ability flows written knowledge, laws, governments, banking, media, computer systems, and all sorts of social relationships. God isn't built for labor or the spatial intelligence required for it. No more than a lawyer is educated to fix your car. But he is built to regulate the activities of labor. God has to manage human labor fairly. But what is fair is debatable between God and Satan. Debatable between different races. It is the basis of their unsettled dispute on how to properly run mankind. It was the grounds for Satan's rebellion and why he is waging war against God's attempt to rule mankind. Yes, neither of them has achieved it yet. The final outcome is still in the air. Like a coin still flipping in the air before it falls to settle on one side. God prophesied he would win after a bloody war, but that is him. You got to consider the source. Once Satan trusted God to do right by him. But he lost his trust in God. When he did he rebelled. The takeover began. How is it going for God so far? Well, you tell me. What are your feelings about lawyers and bankers in general? Not so good huh? Now you know another reason why this book was written, hopefully we can change those negative feelings. Not by silly arguments from me, but by others finding out how to avoid Satan’s traps. Long shot at best. Divorcing people from greed and manipulation when it works for them is harder than sobering a drunk. Then again I like beer. If this book is used properly, hopefully, it will prevent another holocaust Jews and Muslims are both walking into, and prevent blacks from burning on the ash heaps of history. And allow Europe to be Europe again. But like I said, low odds of success. Also, don’t think anything here can’t be improved on by others. My ego aside, it can. Information trickles down from group minds into little ones, like mine. Information being squeezed down becoming distorted to some degree. So unlike how some took the Bible. Nothing should be taken as perfect by anyone. But I believe a lot comes close. We have to understand the position of our minds to God’s. If you ever had a dog you loved, I had, you know your pet understood some of your ideas, but others, the more complex stuff, forget about it. Same thing.