Before I get started with this section.

I see math and awareness as information and spiritual. 
I don't think humans invented math, but discovered it. It is information, not corporeal. 


What do we know about anything, but the information defining it? What if that is all there is?
How can there be countless duplicates of exactly the same physical particle, like electrons, if they're actually made of stuff?
But if there are really abstract entities, then no problem. Let us go on.

Maybe I should get into some ideas that I haven't really touched at my site to sort of explain what is going on in my brain.
A lot of this is stuff I picked up with psychic/intelligence, I'll explain what that is right after these ideas.

The left brain hogs psychic ability for God's huge mental network, the right brain being less interested in other people, 
isn't as naturally interested in psychically tuning into a giant mental network, contributing to the Key weakness of Satan's mind. 
It is more like a mental kingdom divided against itself. Thus individuals can more readily tap into their right brain for psychic abilities, 
leaving many a lawyer short changed with this ability. And when Einstein worked his right brain as a patent clerk, exercising his
right brain by analyzing blueprints, he had his most creative periods. Once he left the job he started to creatively dry out. 
And no one ever understood why. Newton always tapped into his mechanical creative side, so his abilities never left him. 
Went wrong sometimes, but his raw ability stayed.  

The experts say there is no direction for life. Too many species have died out to entertain that idea. They're right/wrong.
Life has a sense of direction, but many random factors from nature affect it.  And some can wipe most forms of life out.
But still, a sense of direction exists, and it affects even such mundane things as nations. Now let me explain.

All life is linked on this planet. But I kind of sense it wasn't always so. Not when it started. There is a force in life that somehow reaches 
into the future to pick out the best choices for development, if it can, and if things go right. They don't many times.

So in the beginning, with the first cells on the planet, before this community life force began, early cells must have been just for themselves,
no group life interest at all involved. And until it did, there was little reaching into affecting possible futures. 

Life must have stagnated for a long time before the second stage was born. A community life force. Once it did, with a new life force
reaching for possible futures, choices by the whole of life became a factor for the direction of life.  So life started to evolve fast from
seeming to do nothing for millions, if not billions of years, into more complex forms. The more complex the brain the more it could evolve.
But you kind of sense this force is for the whole of life on the planet, not for any one species. So if it becomes better for a species to go 
extinct for the rest, so be it.

Let’s skip over billions of years to early America history. Mankind had a choice, to stay the way it was or let Europeans take over the Americas.
Staying meant stagnation, the other choice meant the most powerful nation on the planet. In spite of many injustices this life force picked
change because it wanted to evolve. Needed it. This is a harsh truth, it doesn't care about individual injustices as much as it does for progress
.Evolution is full of injustices. Individuals can die, nations can die, and even a species can go extinct, as long as this life force grows toward 
greater complexity and capability.  As true today as it was billions of years ago.  

God and Satan both try using this force to implement their plans, but they don't control it.  
Much like we use physical forces to run our machines, but our machines don't control those forces. They simply use them.

America later. It could bring in smart people from all parts of the world. It did. It created the best human melting pot of genes in the world.
This life force must of loved America. A sense of strength must have been sensed in America even among the weak psychic minds. 
Americans must have sensed a power in the nation they couldn't describe, and a sense of destiny, because this life force inside them 
picked them for the leaders of the world. 

If these ideas are true, and African blacks remain far behind the average Chinese IQ if 107, then who do you think will inherit Africa
in the far future with so many Chinese living in Africa already? Same story over again?

America made the wrong choice, not by in letting in people, that is good, but in not letting in the best anymore.
I’ve taught some excellent Hispanics and found many to be as good as any whites I knew. They’ll improve the general gene pool in 
America. Spice it up a little. But there is a small element which should be filtered out. The gang type. 

But by not filtering, this life force was damaged and betrayed. America became no longer the place for human life to climb to the top anymore. 
So even the tight grip America has on its technological lead would no longer be possible in the future. A new feeling was probably born inside
Americans, somehow, they had lost something very important. But without a clue as to what and how to get it back.  

Screening from around the world could have been better. Wasn't it harder to enter the nation in the past when America grew the best. 
Mix good people, you get a smarter nation, but too many bad people, the nation will slide down a ladder of incompetence.
How many major cities have become cesspools of crime? How many failing schools are there around the nation? 
Billions of dollars have been dumped into problem areas with almost no results? As this portion grows, how much longer can the other portion
support it without much damage to itself? How many prison systems can be built? When money runs out for building more prisons, 
will the justice system be forced to release more and more prisoners into the streets? 

How long after this occurs will the system stay honest? More minority cops in certain cities might work for a while, 
until they feel more money is to be gained from dealing with profitable drug dealing street gangs than abiding with
a legal system unable to retain those they arrest. Think Mexico on this one. 

When the mounting crime problems spill into those supposedly safe neighborhoods of the more affluent?
Becoming easy prey for the first time. Who will they scream to? What sort of politicians will occupy political offices then?
Just think of who will be voting them in. Another Rome in denial of its collapse?

When does it all collapse? Every psychologist is taught that identical twins reared apart have closer IQs than
fraternal twins raised in the same home. And it doesn't mean anything to them? Is this a social problem or not? 
Or is it too politically incorrect? Solution? Tax breaks for intelligent parents. Just for a few generations until the mix
is more even. See? No problem in the long run. But again, not a viable political solution for politicians more concerned
about  getting voted in today than being concerned about America's future. 
Today China senses it is her turn to take the lead. Technology and world leadership will go her way because America has lost her way. 
It will take time for the mantle of power to change hands, but I sense, it will change.

I think Americans must feel the inner decay somehow inside their minds. Even if they're not psychic, there must be a feel somehow 
something very bad is happening to them. To their nation. Like how a person might start feeling about their insides before they even
discover they have cancer. They kind of sense something is wrong, but can't quite put their finger on it. And other nations in their own 
way will feel this important lost of status, and slowly, lose respect for America and her way of life. Because it failed. And who would
have guessed how many business leaders would be the ones bringing America down. When the concern for money won out over 
their concern for the welfare of the nation and its workers. 

I've already sensed the natural superiority of some mixed Asian white children. When they have the best of both biological worlds.
Mixed children of black white mixes usually have higher than average intelligence.  

This fact is a weapon that Satan tries to use against God. I'll give you an example.

Satan was with Hitler in Germany. Attitude? Get rid of all non-Germans from the nation. Purge it if you have to.
 It was Germany's turn to try to take world power. And it was. With Satan controlling Hitler's mind of course.

Can Satan do that in America? Just too many mixed people to take control and purge. So he whispers inside the minds 
of too many Hitler fearing liberals, "Hey fight me. Let everybody into America. Isn't that good for you?  
You know someone like Hitler could never take control of so many mixed people.  
So to stop me, to stop any more people like Hitler from gaining power, bring in anyone you can into America."
Then he laughs at their sheer stupidity.	

Satan knows if anyone can get in, then even the best people coming in won't out balance the worst people in America.
This life force will go elsewhere for leadership. Perhaps to a people not really mixed, but ready to become as Germany 
once was, leaders of technology, China. Once it was Japan, but the force left Japan with its lost.

Now step back for a second. Is any of this true? Consider the Second World War from another perspective. 
Was it guided by Satan? Was it part of a hidden war between God and Satan? 

Which nation has the most art in Europe for static spatial intelligence? Italy. Which nation for mechanical intelligence? 
Germany. Which nation has the most developed mechanical intelligence in Asia? Japan. All were allies. And which 
nation opposed them the best? United States. The nation reserved for mixing the best people in the world biologically,
a nation Hitler naturally hated, because the Satan in him hated it. 
This is the problem between them both. They both want the best people, but whose best, and according to which criteria?

God picked Jews to write the Bible. He naturally thinks, as a Word God, that verbal skills capture his thinking the most,
therefore they are his best. His chosen. But for Satan, a builder, spatial intelligence captures his thinking the most, 
leading to a better liking of Germans during the Second World War A disliking of Jews by Germans just below their conscious threshold.

The life force doesn't pick between God and Satan which is why Satan can use it against God's plans for Mankind. 
This is one of the main reasons Satan thinks he can win against God. Victory for God isn't assured. I suspect many Jews 
in concentration camps must have experienced this sinking realization when they asked where God’s help was during the Holocaust.
Or thousands of years ago when they asked for God's help to escape Egyptian slavery.

Whoever uses this Life Force best, wins. Satan is betting, through mental manipulation inside the greedy and corrupt minds in the world, 
as long as he keeps trying, sooner or later, he will win over God.  When his rebellion in the Kingdom of Heaven is won. We can discover
how the universe began, but not how to stop our own petty wars. Ever wonder why? Some think because we're just animals. 
Or the problem could be a lot more complicated. 	 

I still think America can change this change, but it will take bold leaders. People who have the guts to say out loud what most people
are thinking, but dare not say, if they want to be elected.

Life wants a technological powerful future. When America allowed its educational system to decay, when it nurtured rap over old values,
when it allowed herself to be dumbed down, it failed this life force for progress. So this force picked another world leader of the pack to lead. 

What does this force want? What I sense it wants a life form to finally develop that can protect all the other forms of life on the planet.
 It is shooting for high intelligence backed by fantastic technology. A form of life that which can take care of the rest of life on this planet 
in an intelligent manner.  Where does this planetary force come from? I don't know. But you pick up small pieces of perception that it is
wired into the laws of the universe. Almost like the universe was designed for life. And designed to evolve it.

It isn't here yet. And who is to say it is Mankind in the long run. But you sense with the development of language that humans
have the potential in the long run to do it. Didn't God promise Mankind it would rule over all other life on the planet? With the
development of language Mankind crossed a mental super bridge to understanding and obtaining power. Just look at what humans
can do compared to other animals.  But on to other stuff.

I have high intelligence, but not the best. I am psychic, but not the best. What I have is a combined ability. Both abilities are one in my mind.
I feel-seek out knowledge, get it fuzzy like, and use logic and intuition to sculpt it. I go back and forth between logic and psychic intuition 
to find a new idea.  Actually seeing Space as something metaphysical, the casing of time and space for physical reality is common sense 
for me. It actually requires zero effort for me. It is just there. Actually, all this is natural for me. No effort at all.

Let us take a small detour. How it works, sometimes, varies a bit sometimes.

Thinking about Japan...population....war...China...cities blasted into rubble...looking around...reaching feels like stretching....small pockets of young people left.
Their minds are determined to survive. Shocked, emotionally numb, all the old social rules gone. Becoming like animals inside.
 The instinct for continuing the race rises to the surface mind of the young males, no more social barriers. 
If the female close on hand isn't DNA damaged, she'll do. Even if she is a cousin or sister. Even older females if they can still give birth.
Still, the old  social norms set up old emotional barriers to such an act, but you feel something is happening, or is it, you know it is happening. 

Somehow you sense the incest taboo is being turned off.  An informational shut down, the race can't afford it now. Then you look around, you 
sense/see emotional information coming in from other survivors. Somehow...someway, information has being collected, the race knows how
many have died, how many healthy survivors are left to give rebirth. The fewer the numbers, the more forceful the inner drive to mate, no matter who she is. Then you sense another force coming in from the entire human race. It doesn't want to lose the abilities which the Japanese minds have evolved to, so it adds even more emotional force 
from within the remaining male survivors to drive the males into reproducing. All restraint is gone. Force is approved. If they get nuked, 
very few will be left to give rebirth to the Japanese race so all interfering instinctive behavioral norms to prevent it, will be shut down.

You have seen, somehow sensed that the incest taboo can be turned off, and will be after a nuclear war. You're seen some sort of racial information
being collected on the amount of the survivors, by what, you don't know, but it is bigger than the Japanese race, it felt like it came from all of Mankind.
You felt/saw a force racing into their minds, making sure they reproduce as quickly as possible. Incest and rape go from complete taboo to a biological must. 

But your intelligence puts a break on the images. Then you check, using your intelligence, are force and incest a more prevailing interest in Japan? 
With which generation? If so, was it always there, part of the culture? Or is it somewhat new? Perhaps a psychic indicator of information coming
from the future. Is the event preventable? Yes. But the odds are poorer if you don't sense this ahead of time. Just another ability developing over 
time for survival, by looking deeper into nature. This process started a long time ago with the sensing of light and dark in one cell creatures.
Just a few billion years further down the evolutionary road. But still the same road.

You see images of genes working together to build small proteins and they form into larger bodies. You see those bodies as unfolding
physical extensions of the buried information already latent in the genes. As each physical body is built, as each physical structure
becomes removed one more level from the latent DNA information, you see different wider deeper connections of the DNA information
unfolding. You see/sense the set of genes must be working together, as well as working alone, the broader the information, the more 
latent the information, and the more the information ties organization into the biological parts. You just sense it, it is all too obvious, 
but how do you prove such a thing?

Read this next section only if you're metaphysically inclined, if not, skip it.

Let us take another small detour for a while.

I'm going to be a little redundant in this short section. So you'll be exposed to the ideas from various conceptual angles. 
First, try to simply absorb the ideas by reading them. First process them verbally. Then try to turn the ideas into pictures in your mind, 
which is how I get them. Take your time with these ideas. Read them, leave them, come back as many times as it takes until it all sinks in, 
and they become all one big conceptual painting in your mind. When you see the painting, you'll see what I see. Who knows, perhaps more?
So this section might be confusing, but don't let that worry you. With time and repetition all confusion will disappear.

When you’re in the spiritual realm you feel connected to everything. You sense everything is built from the same spiritual building blocks. 
As if, reality at its deepest level is all one thing.  

Thoughts in the spiritual realm feel denser, realer, stronger, and like they'll last forever. The spiritual realm is a landscape of different 
thoughts and ideas which seem to go on forever, and most of it, is out of reach of human spiritual perception. Out of reach of the 
spiritual perception of souls which only recently climbed to human experiences. And all the spiritual perceptions which bombard your soul
after physical death, which you're still ill-equipped to understand, is perceived as a pure white light.  Human ego is built on being the smartest
of all animals on earth. But once you include the rest of the universe into the picture that is a joke. 

Humans have already climbed a long ladder of life, but they just started their climb onto the intelligent stage of life. A stage which started with language.
As our ancestors climbed out of the sea onto land for the first time, we just climbed out of mental darkness with language. No one experienced
this more than Helen Keller. When she finally understood her first word, water, her mind exploded with higher thinking for the first time.
The faster she learned language the faster her temper tantrums disappeared.     

We conceptually see with language. A whole new journey of mental development awaits us. We just began this new climb. 
But if we succumb to nuclear war, our journey will have to wait. Or worst, it becomes a journey for another species. I suspect we get only so many tries. 

Just toss this around in your head for a few minutes. How long have modern homo sapiens been around? At least, by any expert opinion, forty thousand
years. How long did it take for humans to progress from the caves to the modern world? Perhaps, give or take, around ten thousand years at the most?
What were we doing the rest of the time? 

If most of our modern inquisitive behavior comes from our modern brain, and it has its own developmental momentum, how could it sit on its mental ass
for at least thirty thousand years, and only progress in the last ten thousand years? Doesn't make sense.

Also, have you noticed our gene pool is very narrow compared to other animals? Why did other variations die out so quickly? Did we kill them all?
I don't believe that. If we had an all out nuclear war today, wouldn't the survivors suffer from a narrowed gene pool? But there are no traces left of 
superior civilizations left from the remote past, so I don't take this too seriously. But I know God works on a need to know basis with human beings. Would he hide a remote failure in the past from the present? To tell the truth, I wouldn't put it past him. 		

Remember God dwells among us and, like us, he has very human emotions. Which is why God confessed to Moses he knew 
all the sorrows the Jewish slaves felt. Calling them his people. 

I know what I can psychically pick up, but that is limited compared to what there is to know about him. What does he think about when
he has billions of brains to think with? What does he think about when he isn't worrying about what we will or won't do as people within him?

But back to an ability which doesn't come from our brains, but from our souls. Psychic ability. The brain is a lens which a soul uses 
to see and act through in the physical world. But it isn't our awareness any more than a song is the DVD it is recorded on, or a story
is the book it is written in. 

You sense souls have abilities which physical brains do not. Souls are Alive Information. Information is spiritual in its real essence.
Souls can not only exchange information, they can merge into each other. Like two balls of strings can become intertwined with each other.  

Love is the emotion which permits the spiritual intertwining. This is why the feeling is so powerfully desired by most people. 
When two souls blend into each other, they expand their own awareness es, and rise beyond themselves. This is why Love is such a great
feeling for most people. Why falling in love is so desired by most people. And why, when someone falls out of love, they race to recapture
the feeling from someone else, if they weren't burned by it last time. Falling in love is like a drug for many people. But the greatest pleasure
can become the greatest pain if you lose it.

This blending of souls can also take place when you listen to music. Listening to music can blend your soul into the
emotional expression of the soul of the musician. The music can even start merging the souls in the audience. 
Which is why the best musicians work to interact with their audience. Which is why music is such a close feeling to love.
With love it is two souls which merge, but with music it might be an audience. 

Now let's get back to the spiritual landscape. Just remember, this is from my psychic perception of it. 
Sometimes it looks like spiritual water constantly in change. I know it sounds a little strange, but bear with me.

If you whirl parts of spiritual water you create souls and other stuff. And like water, if you freeze parts of it, you create physical objects.
Physical objects are stuff built from underlying metaphysical building blocks which have become rigid in their behavior. 
Nothingness turns into spiritual energy, which turns into physical energy, which turns into physical matter. 
Picture the physical universe as an island floating in an ocean of spiritual water. 

Matter is energy, but that is contained spiritual movement, moving like crazy within a contained space. 
Only a tiny fraction of the frozen spiritual energy liquefies into physical energy. The energy in the spiritual realm seems endless. 
You sense you can use it for the physical creation of almost anything. Whatever amount of energy you need to do something, 
there is always more than enough.

In the physical world, it is hard for a mind to influence matter. Easier done with small particles like photons and electrons
which already have some of themselves submerged in the spiritual world. This is why explaining the how of slit experiments
in physics and how ghosts affect electricity is easy.

In the spiritual realms all energy is controlled by Will by Mind. By much bigger and powerful ones. 
The spiritual world is a top to down structure. Overall mind, ALIVE INFORMATION OF THE WHITE LIGHT, rules from top to down.

This universal spiritual energy needs change, in of itself, to enable its own property of existence. Just because something exists
doesn't mean it can continue forever, unless it is always changing, always growing in some way.

This was always the problem with assuming there might have been no creation, because there might have been no beginning, 
that there was always a time before any specific time. Assuming you could go forever back in time, or you could at least, 
recycle time for, forever. Again assuming no moment of creation. And if there was no moment of creation then you can avoid 
the problem of explaining existence, because it was always there. Does this reasoning work?

What exactly is the problem with the idea, if time always existed in the past, being able to go forever into the past, that you don't
have to account for creation, because things always were? Or with, if time cycles forever, forwards or backwards with no beginning, 
then again you can avoid the problem of, when creation occurred and why things exist? Assuming, if there was always something
in the past, who needs to account for how things started? Made simple, who needs God for creation when the moment of creation
didn't happen? What is missing in these arguments? What assumption are we making without realizing it? 

In other words, why don't you still have to account for existence if something always existed? Can you really assume,
if something always existed, you already accounted for its ability to exist? Are they the same thing? Or is what whatever enables 
something to exist, different from the thing itself? They seem to be the same thing, but are they really?  

This is not unlike confusing the mathematical behavior of a particle with, whatever it really is. Is something only its behavior 
on a super small physical scale? And does something existing account for why it can exist? Does every object in existence
sustain its own existence? Or does something else do it?

Mind play for a second. Picture three objects hanging in free space. Acknowledging each other, by having commonly shared 
space between them. Now strip the common space between the three objects away. Making it impossible for any of those
objects to send or receive any information to each other, making it even impossible for them to be affected by any common 
background, because they were taken away from any common background space. Not just separated from each other in space, 
but the space between them, separated from all three objects. Totally divorcing themselves from each other in every way.

Now would the three objects exist in regard to each other? Or, would it seem, that when you're with one object, the other two
don't exist anymore? Existence itself is relational. Where do you exist and with what else? And what don't you exist with?    

Picture something, even the metaphysical rules themselves, or an physical object, because it is easier for you to visualize, 
at its bottom layer, it is standing on super tiny feet, which always have to move, which always have to swim above the Nothingness
below it, as if, if it stopped stopping running, it would fall back into nothingness. As if it would fall out of existence. Welcome to my world. 

The realms of existence are potentially endless. Nothingness and infinity are opposite sides of the same coin of existence. 
That coin is relational in nature. The building block of reality itself. Which means the smallest objects have to get away from
some sort of static things, and have to be things which move. Even if it is within itself. Without some sort of relationships
helping it define itself out of nothingness, it can't exist.  

The metaphysical property of existence requires the property of change. Like tiny bubbling relationships supporting an object
from falling back into Nothingness, from where it originally came from. The ability to change is what becomes energy. Most of it 
stays as spiritual energy, only a tiny portion becomes physical energy. 

Change means you have to change, which means everything has to move somehow. What else is energy, but the ability to change? 
Changing relationships is energy. Even if it is contained in a tiny region of space, or within a particle, it's still movement. 
But movement of what? At the very bottom of all things, what is there to move? What is so small, that within itself, 
there is no smaller part of itself?  

Any object of stuff in the normal sense would always have smaller parts within itself, if it is built from something within itself. 
So something like a normal object couldn't ever be the smallest thing there is. 

This is hard to describe, and it brings me to the outer regions of my psychic understanding, somehow you sense that the 
property of nonexistence can be encapsulated by a definition of itself. As if the property of the state of non-existence itself, 
defines itself, enabling it to climb out of non-existence to existence, by reflecting back on itself, to create the lowest fundamental
relational unit of existence. Creating the first building block of reality, something build out of nothing inside itself. Build like an empty
brick when you look inside it. So when everything in reality is added up, it sums back to nothing.   

It seems the only way to climb out of nothing is by redefining it. Which is good in another way. Creation from nothing also makes sure 
that all realities are always under the control of higher souls, and not only that, it makes endless realities possible. It also makes
new levels of beauty possible. So no matter what your soul experienced so far in life there is always something better coming down
the road. I suspect the more developed a soul becomes, the more beauty matters to it.    

As I said before, non-existence, before anything, isn't stable. It unfolds itself from nothing to something. Which is why creation always
starts small. Super sized things don't pop out of Nothingness, only tiny things do. This first step unfolding itself from Nothingness
is the first metaphysical building block for all of existence. On every level of it. 

This is the ground floor for all realities, spiritual and physical ones. This bottom metaphysical building block makes all relationships possible,
it builds them all. Relationships for building souls, spiritual realms, physical realms, laws for both, space itself, and all sorts of stuff. 

Much higher developed souls sculpt and mold what comes out of this process. Now imagine the two divisions of the Soul of Mankind, 
an ocean of souls, containing our souls, God, Satan, Angels, Demons, and other spiritual beings who want to come along for our ride, 
surrounding this fountain of creation. 

With the creative side of our world soul sculpting what comes out of Nothingness, with the ruled based part of our world soul governing
the new realm with rules of being. Creating a new universe for itself. With the two sides of the world soul working in a balanced manner 
to give a new Holy Ghost its own realm. A new realm to give birth to new souls. This is what all the shit we endured as smaller beings
is all about. By then we'll become old souls watching out for newer ones. Their angels.

Only inwardly balanced super highly developed souls have the maturity and power to create new realms for new souls to join the adventure of life. 
Life begets life. Souls are born from other souls as babies are born from their mothers. Oceans and puddles are both, just collections of drops.
The Holy Ghost is a spiritual ocean, you're a drop in his ocean. For now. Someday, if you earn it, it will be your turn to be at the top in a place
which doesn't exist yet. And wouldn't it be fun for you to see what new souls you can create from your own? To see what they do with their lives
and the adventures they'll have? Would that ever bore you? I don't think so. 

All the shit you endured in all your lives to reach that point would be justified looking back, because you needed to live them all, to finally mature
into another white light. When you mature into another Holy Ghost. When you grow into what you came from.  

What else would our white light be interested in, than making from itself, other white lights like itself? But that is a long way off from today. 
Do you see why balance is required? The creative side of Satan finally gets its ultimate wish, and so does God, in regulating
 the entire process. Both together, having become, a new Holy Ghost. But not here, in a new realm. Jesus liked to call them rooms. 
This is the only way living forever is tolerable. 	 

Now let us try these thoughts again, but more slowly.
Like I said, I only got a vague impression of it. It feels like psychically touching the skin of the Holy Ghost. Like you hit rock bottom of reality.
Nothing physical about it, it is all spiritual. It feels realer than anything physical could be. I know, physical is as real, as real gets for most people,
but until you experienced this kind of real, you have no idea how much realer, reality can get. 

This is why the physical sciences are always drilling down into everything to find the truth about everything. The building blocks of reality 
are very far down. Pass the ground floor of physical space. Which becomes relational in nature to begin with, like time. Not unlike mathematics.
Besides, the ground floor is where the two meet anyway.    

This is why you pick up the impression that nonexistence came first, but it is unstable. When, isn't and is, seemingly a contradiction itself, 
unfolds itself into being. One side, Nothingness, the other, change from it, spiritual energy. At the center of existence is absolute Nothingness. 
But from it, spiritual fire is born.

Some spiritual beings are so developed they can harness this spiritual fire, and they're a different type of Angel. Fighting for the Holy Ghost. 
Spiritually super powerful. Angels burning with spiritual fire.

There are different levels of power. Controlling the physical forces is what occurs for the most part in physical universes. 
When physical laws are manipulated. 

Controlling spiritual forces is when the underlying metaphysical laws in spiritual realms are manipulated. Metaphysical laws,
of which, a few, build the physical laws. These are the laws Jesus manipulated with God's mind backing him up.

Metaphysical laws are not manipulated physically, but by mind. By soul and will. Jesus called it faith. And it isn't easy. 
Group minds manipulate metaphysical laws much better. Other metaphysical laws do other stuff. 
Metaphysical laws are more powerful than physical laws. 

But the ultimate power comes from the manipulation of creation from Nothing, which is only possible by the most powerful spiritual beings
From Nothingness, with no ability to change anything, to its opposite side, spiritual fire, with complete ability to change anything.
Where the power of spiritual fire to change anything and everything is because, it is the very bottom metaphysical building block
in existence, building all things from itself. A metaphysical building block intrinsically relational, therefore, intrinsically spiritual, 
therefore intrinsically alive. 

This is why the spiritual realm is so much more alive than any mere physical plane. This ultimate capacity to change whatever
is the power of spiritual fire. It is the fire of creation and soul rolled into one. Which is why only the most powerful souls can 
manipulate it. It would burn lower souls.  

It is because the source of creation comes from Nothingness, when Nothingness unfolds itself into Existence,
that infinite energy can be created.  Something from something would be limited, but something from Nothingness, 
unable to stay as Nothing, would be limitless. This is why creation will never stop once it starts. There are always new places
being born in places which didn't exist before. The journey is endless. And since all these processes occur metaphysically
it is all grounded in soul. Not ours, bigger ones. 

Souls and creation grow together. They're inseparable since they are part of the first thing which came from Nothingness.
Since the soul of the Holy Ghost is intertwined with the property of existence there is no better description or name
 for him other than, "I AM".  

Did God borrow a little of this reputation? You bet! I'm guessing by now, if you read this far, you don't need me to explain
the Trinity Mystery to you.    

Life isn't a by-product of the physical universe, the physical universe is a by-product of spiritual life. Which is why this universe
was designed to create physical life, which allows for the personal growth of souls in the physical realm. Which is why, after each
physical death, a life review is always on the agenda. Some will be proud of their lives, others ashamed, with most in the middle. 

These are the images/perceptions science hasn't caught up with. Yet. 

You see Space, you dive into it, into its essence. You feel it, and yet not. It feels real, but not. You sense a link between how
perceptions are inside your awareness and it. Both real, but both untouchable. Both mental, abstract, but not tangible.
Both are real as real gets, but both can't be touched. The real inner you isn't physical and nor is Space. 

Space seems to stretch everywhere, but as you dive deeper into it, you kind of sense it is built from something even smaller. 
They feel like links, small links, from one thing to another, but they go deeper than Space itself. They aren't physical at all.
But they build the ground floor to physical reality, Space itself. Where they come from, you can only label as a metaphysical reality. 
You feel all physical objects have these things inside them, telling all parts where and how far apart they are from all other parts.      

They build not only Space, but dimensions of Space. They separate. But they also, you feel/sense, don't completely do it. 
In a way, on the deepest physical level possible, just above the metaphysical realm, they don't separate anything. 
Everything physical is not completely separated from everything else. Beneath the different physical space dimensions
 is one dimension, where all objects are not separated. 

The metaphysical realm, you sense, is bigger than all of physical reality, but somehow, doesn't have size for itself. Somehow once
you're in it, size just doesn't apply anymore. When you seem to dive into it, it seems at first to squeeze you, but once in, the feeling vanishes. 
You kind of sense that you can go anywhere you want, space in the normal sense, with distance, just isn't there. And part of your mind
feels/knows if you came into this place, everywhere in the universe can be reached in almost no time. If any craft could get into 
this physical/nonphysical state, any place can be reached in this universe. 

As a matter of fact, if such a method of travel was possible, then what would you have? Something not unlike the vehicle
Dr. Who travels in. And who doesn't know the Dr. Who show? Crazy today and maybe quite normal a thousand years from today. 
That dimension not only doesn't separate space, but it also doesn't seem to separate time. And if someone could evolve to a point
where they could bodily control movement through this dimension then you'll have a Q from Star Trek.

Back to a former point. This is a mix of what I picked up and my mind reasoning it out later. Maybe you can reason it out better than me.
You never know who will come along making better use of this information than me. But in time, there will be such people. Has to be. 
God uses words as units of his thought structures. In the beginning was the Word, meant that words were the atoms in his mind
when he became conscious. But there are so many languages, how does he integrate them all in his mind?

This relates to the Life Force I wrote about. People exchange information along telepathic verbal networks in God's mind. 
When a language is used by a large amount of people, the network becomes powerful, if the individual units are smart and 
talented with different abilities. Which is why God loves mixing people up in one nation. The smarter the units, the wider the abilities, 
the stronger that part of his mind becomes. Each unit is a person's mind, what they know, what they think about, and I sense, parts 
people don't put to use, he does. So one language for one nation is a good way to cement it telepathically, to give it a strong
sense of identity. To make it smarter. So a nation with a second main language has the opposite effect. It helps to weaken that nation. 
The Tower of Babel weakness. Now you have a deeper understanding of the problem for God.

Africa is broken apart with too many languages, and Satan wants to keep it that way. But with China, he will try to use mass media to give
it one common language so he can try to solidify his grip on it. Then, if he wins over God in controlling China, he will expand his power out to
other regions of Asia, and finally into Europe. Today it doesn't have to be conquest with guns, money will do. Times have changed.	 
But why solidify China? Why is the immense effort worth it for him? What does he get out of it?

It goes back to the Life Force. It is like a blind animal that senses which species can express its growth into the future.
Imagine a force that senses which paths allow for greater growth of life potential into the future. An ability to psychically
measure the life capability of a species to reshape its future environment, measuring its future survival ability. 
And how it helps or hinders the overall growth of life on the planet. 

So the dominant species of life today, might not be the best for life in the very far future, and it will try to shape future events
so the present interfering dominant life form is eventually pushed out of the way. Often, into extinction.  

This is a force for life without any emotional attachments except for the ability of life to evolve into more capable forms.
The instinct for survival in us is a force which tries to preserve our species, but this force is above and beyond such smaller 
concerns. It spans all life on a planet. A species is only part of its concern. 

A force designed to stretch and evolve life into the future, wired into the tapestry of life everywhere in the universe. 
Designed in a blind way, because it was wired into the basic physical forces of the universe, never knowing ahead of time
on what sort of planet it would be used on. Not designed to evolve life on earth, but for life everywhere. 
It was designed for general environments, not for a specific one on a particular planet. Maybe it has even broader capabilities 
for the evolution of life, perhaps even the forces in a sun can put it to use. Designed for all life, not just for the organic variety.

God and Satan both fight to harness this force better than each other. But the way they try to use it is different. God wants a
talented pool of mixed genes from many populations. Satan wants one much more homogeneous. 

God wants to expand his power over all nations. When this impulse goes wrong in Jewish thinking, with piss poor planning, 
you get a Marx. Or other rich Jews trying to bring about a one world government, knowing the goal, but clueless as to how
to properly do it.  Which means, how to do it fairly without getting killed in the process.  USA is going down because of poor planning.  

Because the Life Force was betrayed in the USA the kind of luck which favored America in the past has changed for the worst.
The kind of luck which favored America in critical military battles in the Second World War China will slowly discover luck and
destiny will start favoring it in critical situations. They seem to have the mindset to realize it, but I could be wrong. 

China isn't an enemy today, but Satan will try to make it so in the future. Freeing China was good, but seeing it only as a 
land of unlimited business markets was a mistake. If China's vast amount of wealth gets turned into the world's biggest
military machine it will become a nightmare for the USA. A nation with a 200 million man army?  Never heard that one before?  

What will they need from us when they take over most electronic production in the world? Germany most likely will keep
its machinery production because their minds are naturally geared for mechanical thinking. Even more than any Asian nation. 
But when it comes to producing electrical devices, Asian nations will take the lead. Picture China someday as fifteen Japans 
rolled into one nation. Even if we help them get there, gratitude is short lived there. 

We have to keep close eye on their leadership and who leads their businesses.  I don't consider them a problem as they are today, 
but you can see signs of Satan trying to grab power there. Just remember, like God, he is pretty much limited to working through people.
So watching who gets power in China is a key concern.

God and Satan will struggle to control the political future of China. Way too much potential for both sides for them to ignore. 
India will naturally fall under God's influence because its population is way too left brained on average for Satan to have any 
realistic prospects of taking it over. But he can use radical hatred in crazies in Pakistan to start a war which will destroy India's 
military power.  And as sure as Hell, he will try start a war between them.  But not a full all out nuclear exchange, because that
would take out parts of China.  So a full exchange would be self defeating for him.

While Satan wants what he has always wanted, one winner over all. Screw sharing power. Screw the losers. Once it was the
Roman Empire. And it worked for a while. Napoleon took a shot at it, but it was far too early in history to achieve the goal. 
Mussolini wanted to revive Rome. Hitler wanted a Third Reich. Japan wanted their own Asian empire. All one winners in their
region of the world. Each attempt by Satan required an Antichrist to help the movement. 

This is part of how they fight. But just a small part. Humans are too small to understand the full aspects of their war, 
but they're enough to stop it. To stop the first war which would have an enormous affect on their health. 
A nuclear war. Time to perhaps come out of hiding. 

As long as China does not try to rule others by force, everything will be good. I enjoy Asian drama the best and love the people.

One last note. I been watching the stolen election. I see many Jews didn’t grasp my ideas properly and blacks committed self-genocide.

When the election was stolen I felt something terrible happened, but my conscious mind couldn’t grasp it. Later, I got the impression history
was changed. Blacks and Jews no longer occupied the future. Both extinct. God finally was kicked out of power by the White Light. He failed. How?

A core group of very dishonest people trying to repay European whites for the Holocaust killed all Jews and blacks in the future. Reducing
white populations everywhere is their hidden goal. What they fear most. So Soros, Mr. Z, Bloomly feel safer if overall power is shifted to 
China from Europe, America, and Canada. How fucking stupid that is. 

I always wondered how smart Jews believed they could make deals with Hitler. Now I know.
China is wiping out Muslims. They have no respect for any people who betray their own race. 
Americans rescued Jews from extinction, died to make that rescue, but r betrayed by people like Soros and Mr. Z and Bloomy. 
Betraying the grand children of their rescuers. What a fine payback! Earns contempt. 

The gov. of China hates Christians and the chosen people who wrote most of the Bible. They don’t like so called self-important 
people who lie about having talked to God. They think Jews r the lying race. Social poison from Germany to USA. When Jews
make deals with China, they lose all respect. The right brain composite mind is in charge of China now, since they put so much
into their military. That right brain composite wants all Semitic people dead in the future. It will take its time, not rushing it, as it did, 
when it possessed Hitler’s mind. 

Liberals claim to fight for equality but really dumb down blacks, making them dependent voters, making USA weaker
and weaker for decades. God forbid the poor black who thinks for himself. His white liberal masters thinks they know
what is best for blacks since they really don’t respect black intelligence.

Instead of raising the average black IQ with welfare, it lowered it. Why smart blacks do well today, but the bulk can’t 
pass high school. Need hundreds of points added to their SAT scores, while loving liberals take points off Asian SAT scores.
Do the controlling white liberals want equally? Or the illusion of it while they control? Taking points off Asian scores shows me, 
they want to remain on top in society, and not share it with non-whites. The mask of fake concern is fake. How else can white girls
dressed in shorts order young black men to burn down black businesses in their own neighborhoods? 

The hidden fight is between two racial systems. One, the West, mixing races, the East, homogeneous racial populations. 
Which type of society will lead the future? The West became too corrupt to remain on top. The Life Force is putting
homogenous populations on top. LUCK, as it saved America in critical battles in WW2, helped America become strong, 
is shifting to China. Can’t you feel deep down something went wrong?If USA had the same luck it has now, during
WW2, it would have lost., Normandy invasion might have failed. battle of Midway might had gone bad, Stalin might have
teamed up with Hitler, somewhere somehow critical battles would have gone bad. But more USA leaders were more
honest than today.  

Asians shouldn’t mix too much. They’re about to make an intelligence jump. Mixing now, might negate that emergence.
The human race needs to evolve into the future. A population with a mixture of high intelligence with high mechanical 
abilities is best suited of exploring space. Humans are going to adapt to information overload with higher IQ people. 
Who knows, maybe a new conceptual ability to process information. When Jews stressed themselves to study the Torah,
their verbal IQ jumped. 

Asians will dominate the future. I bet Putin feels it, being so close to China. But will it be a free future or a global jail system?
Depends on China.  Asians had a gene jump about 35 thousand years ago, making them more baby faced, narrowing
facial gender differences, and I suspect, making them generally smarter. Their overall brain size is slightly bigger than the other races. 

Blacks need intelligence stress in schools to mutate. Blacks and Asians are already incompatible in large numbers. In NYC, 
Asians, while only 12 % of the high school population, win most seats in the top 8 tech high schools, because of their average 
IQ of 107. Imagine if Asians were 80% of high school students in NYC. How many blacks would be mixing with Asian students
in the top high schools? Like 1 or 2 maybe. Liberals could have made blacks smarter, but didn’t. They need the black vote,
not their brains. Big mistake. 

Now imagine 100 years from now. Chinese technology is far ahead of any white Western nation. They dominate the world.
They start wiping out people in Africa, no use for them, and no need to play nice, with USA so far behind in military power. 
Black nations are on their own to protect themselves. Whites no longer eager to protect and fight for them, having mostly separated, 
because the mixing was too high of a social cost. Nobody believing anymore that blacks really want to work, and carry their social share,
voting out a President who gave them jobs. Trust died. With the tech giants in the west falling far behind, just like they’re getting
into 6G, as America is still trying to master 5G. Imagine millions of trained Chinese engineers, all smart enough for MIT, not thousands, but millions. 

Sad truth about God. Champion of diversity. He is Not all-powerful.
This is for the Jews who betrayed God. 

During Egyptian slavery he was weak for a long time. Jews suffered.
During the Roman Empire he was weak for a long time. Jews suffered.
During Hitler’s time, he was weak for the beginning of WW2. Jews suffered.
Why did Jews suffer so much in history? God can't protect corrupt Jews.
The fall of Israel after Jesus was framed was kind of a strong hint. 
When Rome ruled. No when the right brain composite mind ruled.

The weakness of some Jewish leaders is thinking without right brain insight.
They can't sense the hate towards them until it is far too often too late.
When Mr. Z talks I see it that blindness, 

Near future? God is below the First Angel for a final time. No more Jews. No more blacks.

I wouldn't mind a free China being the biggest player on the world board. Asians should take
the lead someday, they earned it. With Europe a close second. The rest of the world
will have to play serious catch up.

One last point. Notice how left-brainers assume they have the right to filter out information
for normal people, trying to prevent them from making their own decisions? Since they
secretly fight for God, no matter who they crush, betray, and stab in the back, it is ok,
because they're the moral high ground. Right? 

Where does this attitude inside them come from? It seeps down from God himself, but,
it is the side Jesus was sent by the White Light to curb. 

Look at the end of the video below. You'll see how the right hand, left brain, refuses
to accept help from the right brain, even when it can't complete a task properly. This is
why the tech gods don't want to share power and control everybody underneath them 
comes from. It sucks. Why, the right brain rebelled. The lawyer has to listen to the
engineer as well, not just himself. Balance is demanded by the White Light(Holy Ghost).


Now you can understand some key points.

If you're a key left brainer at war with mostly right brained populations, how do you conduct the war in secret?

You need tight control of the right brained populations. What is better suited for such control?
Democracy or communism? Communism, enabling you to punish anyone who is a perceived threat.
You blackmail leaders with Epstein pleasures. Take over information control. Punish people.

Aren't blacks right brainers? Sure, so under educate and keep dependent, making loyal voters.
What do you do about smart thinking blacks who aren't suffering emotional damage, and think
for themselves? Crush them of course. Trump helped Israel, but so what, isn't he a builder?
Siding with working people who work with their hands? So you use, and then, betray him.
Plant lawyers and media to assist the takeover of European people. Hide your true intentions,
but make sure, their population shrinks year by year. Asians are right brained too, aren't they?
Make deals with them, invest in their companies, but find a way to betray them in the future.
By now, you've learned how to be false friends. 

Hitler sensed the Christian religion weakened Europe, but he didn't understand why?
While he was a killer and murder, he was right on this issue. Look at the Vatican, it
cannot defend their own religion from Muslim takeovers of European streets. Weak.

When you watch the ballot counters, don't you feel some of that animistic of people, 
who feel they rather take over by numbers and cheating, than improve themselves.
Like jackals surrounding a lion, trying to take it down. 

This is all wrong. These are the racial divisions Jesus warned about, when he
described Satan's Kingdom is divided against itself. Over 70 million whites are
now super pissed, and I'm sure, deep inside, feel nothing for diversity anymore.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google will not control these people. The hardest working
people in America are now super pissed. Only a matter of time before they
organize and rebel. 

There are too many crooked left brainers running the show. These are the people
Jesus hated and spoke against. He knew these are the people who would
put God at risk. Make God lose his right to manage mankind because they became
tyrants in managing governments. This is when scum floats to the top.

They're often people who can't relate to emotions of other people. 
Notice how Mr. Z has that emotionally numb look? 

By the way, this is the reason Hollywood can't write emotionally moving
scripts as well as the stuff coming out of Asia, Too many left brained
writers who rely on special affects and emotionally unrealistic shallow characters.
Some stories are great, but not the bulk. 

And they steal ideas, many of my ideas were symbolized in scifi, naturally,
putting the blue side on top. Their side. One show while at the top of its ratings,
took a gamble, and let the red right side assume the good guy role. They got
canceled. Who do you think did that? 

While, they were using my ideas they were blocking me from tech jobs, and
 feared I knew how to teach blacks. It was white administrators who
came after me, not black ones. Always asking, trying to create more Malcolm Xs.
This is why you never read about how black are right brained and Jews are more
left brained, It is too close to the truth. fear compels them to hide truth. 

Trump's defeat started way back

Cheap labor or foreign labor willing to write code into programs to spy on people? 

When you watch the below video you'll see the reason soldiers had to die  during WW2 to make it
possible to give birth and safety to these loyal American lawyers. Such good appreciative people, aren't they?
You would think Indian soldiers died to liberate concentration camps. If someone had shown the below
video to soldiers before they fought the Germans, how many would have stopped fighting? Like most? 

Cheap labor or crooked programmers?