If religion isn’t true then we have a major problem
explaining this guy. He lived in the 1500 hundreds, far before
the industrial revolution. Before America’s discovery.
Before planes, modern guns, missiles, and modern warfare.
Yet he predicted it all. Of course, with some predictions he
missed. But if you read a book, with him…visions, and you answered
some questions wrong on what you read. Could someone claim
you didn’t read it, when you answered almost all of the questions
right? Naw. Same with him, except with him, it was the future that
he read.

 Now he predicted three anti-Christ’s.
 The first two were Napoleon and Hitler.

Think about it! REALLY HARD!
Could you predict the birth of any child a year from now? I don’t think so. And describe their lives and their impact on others? I don’t think so. But he did. To put what he did in better perspective, think of it this way. He was born in 1503 and died in 1566. And was able to name and predict Napoleon and Hitler. Where they would be born and what they’ll do in life. NOT BAD!!! Wouldn’t you say!? How? If space was information though, can a mind tap into it? Why not? He did! One last point. He also made some predictions which really really got him into trouble with the Church of his day. That at the end times, most people wouldn’t be believers anymore. The Church would be second to the state. And the people of the future would be shocked to discover religion and God was true when God finally revealed himself. Imagine that! No wonder so many people figured him for a fake in his day! But today, after Napoleon, after Hitler, and waiting for a third…..who knows?