The First Angel or Satan is composed of all the right brains in Mankind. His chosen people are artists, mechanics, and creative people, While God favors lawyers and rule makers instead. Guess what, without knowing it, most people actually don't like God's personality if it goes corrupt in his chosen people. Read on, you'll get the actual picture, and why Jesus despised the upper class of corrupt Jewish religious leaders of his day, because they could very well undermine God's right to rule Mankind. Actually, if the corruption goes unchecked, they can very well exterminate their entire group. Hitler was a pimple of the actual problem. Human puss on the underlying problem of the constant hatred Jews always suffered from.

Satan uses our Right Brain Picture a super-mind built out of all the right brains in Mankind. More spatial and artistic in its thinking than God. It controls our left hands. Right brains are less into other people, and more into themselves. This super-mind has more emotional and intuitive intelligence than God. It is a natural builder. It represents labor more than management. A natural artist. Very nice until it gets pissed. Then watch out. 1: The right brain is super weak with words. Sucks at reading. 2: It is great in spatial intelligence. A natural builder. A natural artist. 3: It has little tolerance for frustration. Gets pissed fast. Often loud. 4: It is rather un-inhibited and pampers to its vices. A cheater. 5: Very little regard for other people. It’s saved for self-love. Big ego. 6: Prefers using violence over talking to settle disputes. Loves fighting. 7: Controls our Left Hand and the left side of our bodies. 8: It is more creative and impulsive. Reads emotions better than God. 9: Loves guns more. More physically brutal and sadistic, paranoia of others doing it to them. Distrustful because of this fear. Always on guard. 10: Hates reading and spending too much time sitting on its ass. 11: A player. Lies, and does whatever it needs to, to get what it wants. Feels more pain for self than for others. Little or no guilt in inflicting pain on others, but can cry like a baby for itself. Buried in self-love. Pretends otherwise. 12: Disorganized, more reluctant of working in groups pass any self-interest group. Not inclined to sacrifice for others. It has more of a, 'what can you do for me' attitude in regard to people. But plays generous and subdued to disarm potential victims. 13: While the left brain can create organizations for obtaining objectives, organizations built from the right brain often break down into conflicting interests. Meaning Jews work more effectively as a whole for their group interests than mob families do. Both can go criminal, but there will be less infighting in the Jewish criminal groups than for other criminal organizations. It is much harder for a Jew to turn on another Jew than it is for an Italian to turn on another Italian. Some blacks shoot each other over the wrong look. This is a major right brain weakness. Street gangs display this weakness. Families can be divided along different color lines. Red for Bloods, blue for Cribs, and black and gold for Latin Kings. Wearing the wrong color down the wrong street can easily get someone shot. Satan is the Supreme weapon builder. But he has a major problem in his fight against God. Right brains are naturally abrasive by nature. Satan is cursed with brains which don’t get along with each other very well. Meaning they don't cooperate as well in obtaining mutual goals. Because God’s mind is composed of easier going left brains his mind is fused with stronger telepathic bonds. This mental division is Satan’s greatest weakness. Jesus, “If a Kingdom is divided against itself, the Kingdom cannot stand. So if Satan’s Kingdom is divided against itself, how can Satan’s Kingdom stand? How can Satan cast out Satan?” Jesus knew the key weakness of Satan's mind by being able to peer inside his global mind. To what extent he understood the problem is up for debate. He also saw Satan was willing to use racial genocide to deal with his internal problem. I'll explain that later. Satan's law of survival is Darwin’s law. Survival of the strongest. The fittest. No mercy or compassion for the weak. Satan will fight to prevent the meek from inheriting the earth. Not his game plan. He is the Supreme PREDATOR! Genocide is Satan’s solution for losers. He hates books, left brain products. His solution. Burn them! Intellectuals? His solution. Shoot them! Remember Hitler! Never frustrate any artist close to Satan. Ask Nero. When Rome burned, Satan hoped to use it as an excuse to eradicate Christianity. The plan didn’t work. Why didn’t Nostradamus see Nero as an anti-Christ figure? Because he looked forward in time, not backwards. Satan feels used by God. Feels his labor is exploited by left brainers. He feels they profit unfairly from the fruits of his labor. He feels whenever he creates something important, God will surround it with leeches to exploit it. How many creative artists felt exploited by their managers? By left brain leeches who surrounded their creativity and fed off it like parasites. Like financial vampires. These exploitive management activities gave birth to the parasite image. Satan sees a few people in position of financial power, who never physically exert themselves at work, making millions off those who do. Simply because they are the few on top of pyramid money structures. To him, they, not him, are the jungle predators. As always, the predators have to stay fewer in number than those they prey upon. As always, the rich have to stay fewer in number than the poor. This is a food chain law. Satan relates to labor, not to management. So in his eyes he isn't the only killer. He uses a gun while God uses laws to rob. One uses bullets, the other the pen. Right brainers feel the impulse to shoot people they hate while Left Brainers prefer firing and blacklisting them. This is why Satan justified killing in his mind. Why he justified the Holocaust in his mind. In his mind he was defending himself against God's exploitation. Against his method of extracting wealth from his work. Satan's fear of abuse from God painted the parasite image in Hitler's mind. He also projected an image of goyim being slave working donkeys in some warped minds of poisoned religious leaders. If some warped religious leaders tell Jews they're destined to only manage the world, while others do all the labor chores for them, it assures the Holy Spirit will take away God's role for Mankind. The White Light will not tolerate any of that self serving bullshit. God knows this, which accounts why he always punished corruption within Jews in the long run. Leaders with such ideas will only march their followers into another holocaust again, unless they learn fast what their true role is in the world. This is why Moses had to be an outsider to do what he did. Why God made sure those who became corrupt while Moses was busy with God, killed them. If the Holy Ghost comes to the conclusion that the Jewish people are corrupt on a massive scale, targeting computer companies, banks, media, under minding education for peoples naturally more right brained, from Germans to blacks, the Holy Spirit will dismantle God's mind, Put him out of control. Now you why Jesus freaked out with corrupt money people and religious leaders into wealth. Calling them evil, but not explaining why. Trouble with God in the past, kept too many secrets. Major trust issues when it came to people. Big secret : if Satan believed money manipulation was fair to him, all his killer feelings would vanish. But easier said than done, considering the greed out there. Satan knows his mind isn’t able to efficiently manage all populations. The mental task is simply too much for his abilities. Governing people was never meant to be his forte. His mind isn't built for it. He would love the power, but hate the job. He would love the glory, but run from the required work. We’re all lazy in some ways. Because Satan is made up of right brains he relates to physical labor. This is why Hitler loved artwork portraying well muscled German farmers. It was Satan's artistic taste he felt inside. Because the right brain enjoys being physical, putting to use its spatial intelligence, it places great value on physical fitness. Hitler couldn't enjoy other forms of modern art which had too much left brain influence in them. That art pissed him off. But he didn't understand why. Art comes from the right brain so in Muslim cultures, ruled by the left brain, they frown on painting the faces of prophets. They don't allow pretty women to excite the right brains of Muslim men. They cover their faces. They don’t put their left brains to sleep by getting them drunk. They don’t allow the left brain to give in to right brain lust by committing adultery. More about what you can’t do, than you can do. To some the culture is a prison. Satan believes the left brain is without mercy once it gets its way by using laws to restrict behavior. He sees most lawyers trying to imprison his freedom, while sucking his creative juices dry. In America he sees left brainers screwing over corporations. School systems as brain washing institutions. To him God isn’t good, simply more polite. Because Muslim laws are about shutting down their right brains they are also about short changing the opportunities of their women and their creative intuition. No balance in brain usage leads to a very rigid life style. For the right brain it is Hell. This is their cultural Achilles heel. There will come a time when their right brains will want to be free, like they are in the western nations. Their religious leaders put a cap on this rebellion. But their women might someday lead a rebellion for cultural freedom with modern apples. God knows if he doesn’t relax his grip, social progress will remain stagnant, and he will lose in the long run. Worse, the Holy Ghost will fail him on his test to run mankind. He wouldn't have been so anxious with a locked in victory over Satan. This gets to another issue concerning Israel. What is the real reason the nations surrounding Israel hate it so much? Is it just a belief about stolen land? Some of it is. Abuse of people? Some of it is. But there is a deeper reason. A more powerful one. Jews left Israel when it was destroyed to wander and mix with Europeans for two thousand years. Over that time their gene pool mixed with Europeans. The Jewish gene pool received many genes for good right brains by slowly mixing with Europeans. Cheating on spouses goes on in every generation. But their Semitic genes made sure their left brains remained dominant in brain usage. They instinctively sensed something important to protect their way of life was passed down on their male Y-chromosome chains. Making sure key religious positions stayed in male hands because of this. Men ruled, women obeyed for a long time. What Israelis really represent to Muslims is the influx of European genes for stronger right brains(compared to them that is) into their area of the world. The God and Satan war is biological beneath the surface. Their war is very much a biological war. This is why the early Bible was filled with stories of the killing of first born male children (not first born females), tribal genocide, and the raping of enemy women. They fought over gene pools because of what they were. And naturally not trusting humans with the truth about themselves, didn't tell but a few. If they told the truth, would we kill for them or sacrifice for them? Let me ask Abraham how that felt. The image of God was changed to keep up with the NDE reports of a loving God. The Holy Ghost uses Love to fuse all the countless souls within his own soul. But he isn't the God of the Jews. The Holy Ghost is above God and Satan, he runs existence, not ancient tribes, nor does he live on any mountain top. He isn't a angry and jealous God. How does God wage war with Satan if he only lives inside Mankind, and the same with Satan? Would that make him a little insecure? A little unsure of whose side you'll side with, him or Satan? How do you control a creative mechanically minded composite mind comprised of all the right brains within Mankind? Right brains are builders, physical labor, artists. How do you control labor? By controlling money and banking. How do you control art? By controlling media. How do you control naturally hostile populations? By controlling the Law and internet information. How would you control a growing power like China? A nation of many potential and realized super smart people, but smart with both brains, analytical and spatial intelligence? Would you want them free, or would you support their communistic government which monitors their people? You let your greed drive your relationship, don't you? Making money while allowing their general population to be capped. How would you feel about the American middle class of skilled labor, many with German ancestors? Would you really relate to them, and protect their jobs, or would you fuck them over? If you're a SOB, you'll fuck them over, believing they'll never catch on to your real attitude? How would you feel about someone with German blood, making American wealthy again, but he is a builder more than a Wall Street banker type? Would you get close, play nice, but stab him in the back the moment you're given the chance? If you're sleazy and self absorbed, you'll fuck him the moment he trusts and needs your help. Like a snake. Of course, if you really fucked him over, you don't invite scrutiny do you? You use your legal muscle to step on anyone who might expose you. I was stepped on many times. I was naive enough to trust the wrong people with these ideas. What Trump felt, I've felt for 40 years, What I learned, they have little to no mercy, people who fuck you will be rewarded some way, people who help, will be fucked over. They'll smear your background, lying and setting you up is no problem. Close up, they'll play friend, far away, they'll go after you, and anyone who they believe with support you. It took my slow brain about ten years to catch on to the tricks, they play over and over again. They don't generally strike until they have their right people in the right positions to hurt you, and they're able to destroy who they'll anticipate will help you. They make their moves like chess players. Trying hard to set up traps until they get what they want. Usually money and power. Their weak point is, many of their chess players are emotional morons, unable to feel when people see through them and despise them. When they finally feel the anger they generated against them, they grow alarmed. Really really scared of pissed off right brains. So take away their guns, and lock up the cities, putting fences around their domestic strongholds, but not the southern borders. Would you want smarter Asian college students gaining increasing political power in America? You wouldn't mind them graduating from MIT, but schools like Harvard and Yale, schools for creating political power people, you might want to cap their numbers. So you subtract their SAT scores, and devise BS personality assessments. And add many points to black scores, making sure the few who do graduate, will need surrounding help to do their jobs well. Mostly making puppets who will need your help at the top. Puppets you can hide behind. puppets who won't really represent the best interests of their people. Thus nothing improves in the poorest cities. Not taking into account that the human race is adapting to a new environment of information overflow. It will be a highly specialized adaption for higher abstract intelligence. Look at a black person's hand, the palm is much lighter than the top of the hand. Why? The skin cells on top of the hand felt the stress to adapt to heavy sunlight, but the palms didn't. Same for the soles of their feet. So what happens when so many Asians around the world study their asses off, and blacks continue to get educated in schools with low expectations? One will evolve for even a higher IQ, the other will stay as is. Starting a biological separation for certain mental abilities. Jews already experienced some of this adaption when so many of their people studied the Talmud so hard, adapting for higher verbal skills. Thus the very high verbal skills for many Jews. How do you control information across the internet? By replacing American programmers with a population more naturally left brained than right brained. Indians. With one future problem, if the bankers support China as is, a danger to India, get ready for opposition from very smart influential Indians. How do you make sure blacks, which are naturally right brained, considered enemies in secret, don't achieve equal left brain language abilities? Well, don't blacks have a gift for listening to sounds, making them naturally good at music. Doesn't listening to human speech sounds help learn language? Sure it does. So you take out phonics out of language learning in schools. Worse fear of the social engineers for blacks? Women like Candice or others like her, having more children. God had a problem with Rome. The most powerful empire on the face of the earth at the time followed Satan's way of living more than it did God's. And it was winning. Until it crumbled from within. Jesus and Christianity had a lot to do with it. Satan tried using Nero to do something about the Christian influence, but it was too little and too late. Besides God has a way of making his messengers go crazy. Ask Hitler. Because they live inside us, they fight inside us. Which is why we’re always their battleground. Think about it. Why else would they put so much of their focus on people? If they didn’t live inside all people, considering their personalities, they would hardly waste their time on people. Sad, but true. In the grand scheme of things, we’re small as shit compared to the rest of the universe. The old view that there was only the earth, the underworld, and heaven just above the clouds was always wrong. People never knew it in the past, but both group minds did. And yet they were so preoccupied with people. Now step back and look where the Vatican is placed. Right in the heart of the old Roman Empire. Now think. Which fields attracted the brightest minds for centuries? Philosophy and religion attracted the best minds for centuries. Many of those minds went into the church to never have children. So the old Romans were dumbed down, slowly, generation after generation. As Romans turned into Italians, and the church blocked many of the brightest minds from reproducing, and the genes for building were passed down from primitive Germanic women who were raped by ancient Roman soldiers, slowly Italians lost much of their ancient building genius while Germans produced more bright children. Until while Italy is still noted for its artistic genius, it is the Germans who have the best engineers in general. Social engineering is a game both composite brains wage their war with. What happens with a welfare system encourages greater births with less talented women within a population gene pool? Does the average IQ go up or down? Blame it on social engineering. Do liberals support Trump? Isn't he more of a right brainer than a left brainer to many. Don't liberals send the media after him, but play nice when close to him, to get everything from him while he is in power? Explains a lot of hidden attitude towards him doesn't it? The media doesn't let up on him, doesn't it? Trump is fighting a war for the survival of diversity, not against it. Too many idiot liberals fighting their war the wrong way. USA is catering to the most violent and least productive segment within itself. People who demand equality, but not from themselves, because most of them have too low IQs to really do much of anything. So instead of expecting themselves to improve, they instinctively steal what others produce. Looting by instinct Welfare was used to multiply the least able so more and more low IQ children were born. While highly educated professionals usually had only 2 kids. The exact opposite of how Jews became smarter over generations. 2,000 years ago, they weren't smarter than anyone around them. Today, thanks to supporting the intellectuals among themselves, they slowly produced more high IQ children. Their verbal IQ is the top. But their visual intelligence suffered. Blacks need to make sure their smartest start having the most children. Otherwise, the bottom segment will find finishing school usually too hard. They'll resent others for being more educated and able, and never blame themselves for not catching up. How long before others stop supporting them? Take whites out of the equation. Imagine USA being half blacks and half Asian. Do you think both groups would get along? Can a population with a 107 IQ average be compatible with a population with a 85 IQ average? Not at all. Don't we see this incompatible behavior already in the top science schools in NYC? What is white privilege really? The ability to get along easier in a society whites mostly built? if you gave America over to the blacks as they are today, wouldn't America fail like the African nations which threw out their whites? Without that 100 IQ average, not enough smart and able people are born to continue running a modern nation, let alone, advancing it. Liberal policies have destroyed black ability. Many smart people weren't born and many low lives were. Thus all the mindless rioting, looting, and beatings of innocent people. if blacks truly believed they're equal to whites, wouldn't they police their bad people among themselves as whites and Asians do? Where are their equal leaders to maintain civilized behavior? Why expect whites to do everything for you? Burn businesses to the ground, but expect whites to hand over their tax dollars to rebuild them? This behavior will only be tolerated for so long. But there is another matter. Liberals might have killed God. Sound crazy? Let me explain. I've gotten psychic dreams which came true for decades now. I always sensed all this information about what God and Satan was, was pumped into my brain from an outside source. It takes zero mental effort on my part to get all this. I don't even think, I just watch my thoughts come, like some movie watcher. I finally got my warning dream about how a major nuclear will go. It went bad for the USA, because the Life Force(read my book on it) turned away from USA, favoring China over America, as it once favored America over German and Japan. American diversity only is favored if the best rise to the top, it wants to evolve life and evolution. It drives up towards creating greater complexity of life forms and intelligence in the long run. God wants diversity, but only if the best rise to the top. The worst overcoming the best is devolution, and the Life Force, will not support it. China today represents a population not diverse, but it produces more high IQ people than America. They once were number one nation on earth for thousands of years, but when they went into a culturally cave the Life Force left it. Now that Life Force is backing China over America. All the critical good luck USA enjoyed in critical moments in WWW2 is now gone. The dream which can be avoided. The USA was shocked at its inability to block every major city from being vaporized. Weapon systems didn't work as expected, many were sabotaged. Hispanics made a land grab in Southern USA with most whites dead. Surviving whites went north into Canada. Canada threw out its blacks. It was every race for itself. Whites and Asians did live together in the North. The Chinese came in and killed all the blacks, not only in America, but Africa. With USA gone, no more rules. Might is right. Europe and Russia were also taken over by China. As far as China was concerned, they resumed their rightful place in the world, like as in the past, number one. All politicians and military leaders in America executed. There is no respect among Asians for people who betray their own race. All liberals executed. With USA broken apart, Israel will be overrun in spite of their suicide nuclear last ditch plan. Notice what american media failed to cover, covering the protests and riots and looting? Rich white kids, feeling empowered were joining hands with blacks in protest was covered. Some of them were sincere, but many were not. But who wasn't out there in numbers, if at all, Asians. No Chinese or Indians to be seen. Why? I think because it is usually their stores which get looted, the store clerks get shot, All that fed up indifference has be communicated to India and China which comprise half of the world's population. Once they were the cultural centers of the world. They lost it, but they're regaining it quickly. How will they mix with blacks in large numbers? Soon the time will come, when leadership and power return to Asia. They're way too smart not to regain that position. America has its own problem with more and more of its Capital being concentrated within a tiny percent of its population. Something which will make the Holy Ghost assume that whites can't run their economies fairly, due to God's left brain mismanagement of finances. An accusation which Satan always made about God, something which the Second Antichrist, Hitler, voiced to the German people, and something which made Jesus made as hell when he freaked out in the Temple when some Jews were using it for exchanging money. But all this isn't a problem if America doesn't survive a nuclear war. Back to the protests. Some clever whites were providing brick for looting on the streets, but are they really helping blacks in their minds? Hell no. Every psychologist knows that when the frontal lobe in people is damaged or underdeveloped, those people act childlike, are mentally much more in the moment without regard for future consequences, , have little impulse control, and easily become violent. Somebody who really feels blacks are mentally less developed provided those bricks to destroy the image of blacks. Betting that blacks would destroy stores, even in their own neighborhoods, because they weren't thinking of the future. Expecting whites to clean up the mess afterwards The four cops were horrible, they'll pay in jail. But most blacks are killed by blacks, so why the over reaction? Those four cops symbolize rejection of blacks by society in general. A deep insecurity, which results in emotional blackmail of society. What is the message? We won't get out of control if you give us what we want. Why don't they feel they can do it themselves? Where is real black leadership in changing behaviors so they can educate themselves even more than whites do, so they can make more money than whites. Live in their own safe neighborhoods. Instead failed black leadership results in excusing behavior which no other race would ever tolerate within themselves because they know they couldn't make a modern society work if they catered to the whims of their lowest people. Black leadership hasn't been pushed to that point because they still of themselves living within a society mostly created by whites. They're not thinking of themselves as running and keeping it progressing on their own. That sort of thinking has to start if they're truly going to achieve equality and respect from other groups. Indians and Chinese have achieved that inner self respect. Notice what else is missing? No Chinese or Indian lives matter talk anywhere. They're richer and more educated in a white dominated nation, out performing whites, so how can they believe whites keep other races down. Once whites did, but affirmative action if reparations. The day will have to come when the top 20 percent of blacks will have to take hold of their leadership and change the gangsta bottom 30 percent. Instead of catering to their emotional anger. Anger doesn't sustain a civilization, but it can destroy one. God loses to Satan if China goes bad and wages nuclear with America in the future. I sensed now, this future is barely preventable. What idiot thinks that China would tolerate the rioting and looting that American politicians can't control? That is the devolution the Life Force will fight to wipe out. and it always won since Life started on this planet. It works that way across the universe with all life forms. Now off my dream. I'm a fan of K-drama. When I first started watching, I got a strange psychic feeling I never got before, and I couldn't understand it for a long time. Then it cleared up one night. Koreans evolved slightly further so their left and right brains were more in touch with each other. Thus their great writing and acting in capturing emotions. Their kind of brains merge Left and Right brains better. If there were like a billion more of them, I don't think the war between God and Satan would or could go on. They're the biological bridge for making peace between both composite minds. But we need many more Koreans. Like a billion more. So modern Italians aren't quite as intelligent as ancient Romans. Which prevented them from remaining superior to modern Germans. When they were finally surpassed in smarts by the barbarians. Can you imagine Hitler trying to convince Cesar the master race were the Germanic tribes living in the forests? Wouldn’t work so well, would it? Mixing genes between groups always went on. Imagine what the average American will look like in 500 years. Doesn’t welfare make sure the least intelligent out populate the more intelligent in certain minority groups? Doing today for blacks what the church did for Europeans for centuries. While Jews supported their more intelligent people in having the most children. Becoming more intelligent over centuries. But more intelligent with their left brains, not their right brains. The price? They’ve become too top heavy with lawyers. Almost all management with no labor underneath. The richest companies bring their business only to top law firms. Other lawyers must scramble for new clients. Reduced to chasing buses Someday, who knows, they might use the internet to outsource legal jobs to India, using teleconferencing as a new court setting. But I BET lawyers won’t let their jobs go so easily. What is good for labor, sure isn't good for management, is it? Many intelligent good people were never born who could have helped make society better in the past. What a shame. All those good people lost to life because of stupid rules. How could history have been worst if they had lived? It’s almost a crime on history. Priests should have children. Satan feels if Muslims can’t stand some European blood, Israel, in their area of the world then what right do they have to live in Europe? He considers their immigration into Europe as a sneak attack by God. Can you imagine France and Germany without their wine and beer? Nor can Satan. When the right brain doesn’t work for long periods of time it becomes very angry and dangerous. Certain populations with very active right brains should never be unemployed for long periods of time. That is a window of opportunity for Satan to create mischief. People need work to feel good about themselves. Feeling useful to others is necessary for our mental health. Or rejection by others wouldn't sting our self-esteem. How many lottery winners quit their jobs becoming psychologically unhinged only a few years later? How many very rich people became miserable people when they fell into the trap of just living to enjoy themselves? While their working wealthy counterparts stayed happy. Becoming too self-indulgent poisons the soul. It only feels good when you have a little taste of it. It's like strong whisky. A little bit makes you feel good, too much makes you sick. We evolved for picking fruits and hunting to live. Hunting was our work. Our paycheck was food in our stomach. When we became too old to hunt, we became ready to die. What does any hunting pack animal do with members who become too old to hunt? They leave them behind to die. We put them in nursing homes. No nursing homes for old wolves and lions. How many people die of heart failure only a few years after retirement? How often do you see very old, but seemingly happy senior citizens working in a store? Only when you got a shit job with a shit boss is leaving a job a good idea. Satan made sure Germans were out of work before he planted Hitler. He had to make sure the political climate was ready for Hitler. If Satan planted Hitler in prosperous times he would have never gained power. He never lets a crisis go to waste. Do you recognize this thought pattern in some modern politicians? That's the Devil in them, plotting away. Using them as human pawns. When Satan planted Hitler in Germany he was ready to win the loyalty of all unemployed workers. How? Easy. He made sure that one of Hitler’s first tasks in office was to put Germans back to work. When he did, he won their loyalty. By winning the loyalty of their pissed off right brains. This plan is also ripe in America today. German loyalty to Hitler grew to an insane form of worship. Germans sensed something deeply important about him. He wasn’t just another ordinary politician. He stood for them against the world. They would even commit genocide. The most technological nation in Europe became the most savage. They would kill for him. They would die for him. And they did plenty of both. So is it smart to keep Americans unemployed? I don’t think so. Not if the economy sinks while its bankers stay rich. If executives make huge bonuses, but labor is laid off, it will plant hatred in many people. With Satan whispering in some to bring out their guns. Whispering in others to riot. Jews are always in danger when people around them can’t find work. This anger invariably points to Wall Street then to them. So rich Jewish bankers making huge bonuses while American unemployed workers can't find work isn't a safe environment for them. But it isn't just Jews anymore, the world has grown more sophisticated. It's all people in high positions who seem to cater to themselves without taking care of those they manage underneath. As in old Rome, heads will roll if the masses become crazy in despair over the corruption which is killing them. Collecting internet information on people to fix this problem can’t work. Only work…works. Have you ever wondered why some people call Jews parasites, but you never hear it about Germans? You hear Germans called killers. You hear Germans called gun lovers. But never parasites, why not? Because people picture the wealth of Germans coming from building products, not from just managing money. Most people automatically associate production with Germans. Most people associate financial services with Jews . This association for Jews can turn ugly when people can't find work. Would anyone argue there are far more Jews working in Goldman Sachs than Germans? Or that without a depression in Germany it would have been impossible for Hitler to have seized power. So how can this rage be defused? Easy. What did Germany do that Egypt did not? They kept people working. Unemployed people easily riot, employed ones do not. Don't always make maximizing company profits the bottom line in decision making. As if companies have no social responsibility other than making profits. They do. Companies exist to serve people, not the other way around. They are social tools for managing resources and for distributing services among people. They exist to serve people, people don’t exist to serve them. Sometimes rich investors have to take a hit on dividends. Without income taxes from employed middle class workers, where will the government find its needed revenue? How do you continue to squeeze more and more from a middle class who has less and less without a social revolution? You can’t. I know some powerful people imagine they can restructure America if it goes financially bankrupt. But Satan has his own plans for restructuring America. If he is allowed to get his way. Consider it paybacks for defeating his plans during the Second World War. When the richest nation on earth goes broke. When the value of the dollar is flushed down the toilet. Satan will make his move in North America. Instead of socializing it, as some plan for it, he will plant the idea in all too many whites that multicultural societies can't work. The bankruptcy of United States will be his proof. He will plant the idea that mixing certain races was never good for whites. Hoping to racially divide the nation. Satan doesn’t want the races mixed. I’ll answer why in the next chapter. It is based on how his mind is constructed, not on ideology. Satan needs certain conditions to divide the races in America. High unemployment is one of those conditions. Mounting violence along the borders is another. The idea as certain minorities grow in numbers, trouble grows with them. A growing distrust of politicians to solve problems is another. The constant out sourcing of jobs is another. And a major city in ashes from terrorism would finally break the tolerance back of whites in general. The moral of the story is that the Devil hates idle hands. Keep people working! When these two group minds fight hard they affect electrons and other stuff all over the world, because their minds span the world. So weather goes crazy when they go crazy. Shit happens when either one emotionally explodes. They have tempers just like us. We're their building blocks. Physically and spiritually they can't get away from us. How else could God promise to someday live among us and to dry all our tears? Just as knowing whoever would write this stuff down finally would have to have a delicate balance of both group minds working in them. I have. I can turn one side off to explore the other. That was what needed to be passed down to someone a thousand years from now. When it is her time. Anger expressed in writing gets sent back to John as a psychic symbol of fire from my mouth. See how this stuff works? Not so mysterious is it, once you understand how it all works.