The Real God but not the White Light(Holy Ghost)

How Satan Plans His War I don't have all his battle plans, much too hard to read his full mind. But nature of his war makes some planning obvious, at least to me. Jews, stop worrying about Germany. Satan has moved on. Germany is no longer his focus. There was a time and place for it, but that time is past. Why? If Germany would have won the Second World War then indeed, he would have used them to shape the world to his vision of what it should be according to him. But that time has pass. Germany and Japan are no longer useful to him. China can easily become his focus today. Does he have them in his grip? No. He'll try to manipulate their politics in such a way so that his people puppets will get into power. But he isn't there yet. If he does succeed he'll need India depowered, but how? Pakistan. Using the hatred of radicals to affect the events he needs. He'll also make Muslims a pain in the ass in Europe, to prepare them to be thrown out. This is why the numbers of Muslims have to be kept down in Europe, below a certain threshold, so they can really assimilate into the native population. Otherwise major political trouble. When too many Muslims move too quickly into Europe, with their natural stronger biological bonding, their natural impulse will be, to not fit in, but to gradually take over Europe from the inside. That in turn will cause such a negative reaction to them, the politics of Europe will change to the point needed to throw them out. This is what Satan wants for all Muslims in Europe. Not much different from what he wanted for Jews in Europe. How many nations willingly handed over their Jews to Nazis during the Second World War? Satan evoked emotional impulses in people to want them either expelled or killed. Muslims as they are today don't assimilate so well in Europe. To Satan they're cultural invaders. So Satan needs growing anger for Muslims to build an intolerance for liberals. When liberals are seen as people who culturally poison a nation. As far as Satan is concerned, he can use Muslims to go after Jews, tricking them into thinking they are doing it for God. But to him, they are still mostly left brained people with weak right brain abilities. Not his type, not the kind of people he wants on top with power. But for the moment, he can use them to kill Jews and go against the West. So he injects extreme radical suicidal hatred into the worst of them. While God has been trying to mix the best of all races, mostly in America and Canada. But with low standards that isn't working out so well. Later in history, Satan will do his best to wipe out all Muslim power. Kill as many as possible and wipe them from history, if possible, or change their gene pool which he hates the most. This is when Muslims will learn their impulse to change Europe from within will cause the shit to hit the fan. When all too many Muslims will finally get it, that as weapon makers , as mechanically minded inventors, they are inferior. And on the battle field they are inferior for it. Europe unleashed would have no problems wiping out any Muslims they wanted to, if they did away with all restraint. The job of Satan is to trick Muslims by using radical hatred inside some of them to provoke and unleash this impulse. He is quite a master at it. He plays them for fools when they hate enough. But Satan also works within the Jewish population to fuel hatred against them. How? Jews have a strength which Satan can work against them. Because they're highly verbal, they're highly aware of politics. And they have a very strong sense of group identity. When any person interacts with others, they do it on multiple levels. I can see you as an individual and a member of a group at the same time. What if I like you, but I can't stand your group? In front of your face I might act one way, but behind your back, I might act in my group's best interests. Lie and do whatever it takes to protect my group against you. Many Jews, being far more group oriented than most, will act for the group against an individual who they perceive as being anti-Semitic Which leads many people to not trust them. I suspect many Jews don't fully realize how many people think they have a problem with lying. And the Jewish snake image is born. But this isn't just a Jewish problem, it is a group identity problem. How many black men will talk against whites with their friends and family, but when they're alone with a pretty blonde, act totally different? How many of them would lie to their black wives about where they're going at night when they secretly sneak off to meet these blondes? Ever wonder why some black men are so attracted to blondes and willingly drop their black girlfriends for them? Did OJ or Tiger ever cheat with a black woman? In one study when they compared the growth rates of mental abilities between Jewish and Swedish children they discovered that as the Swedish children grew up, their spatial intelligence took off compared to Jewish children, and vice versa when it came to verbal intelligence. If you look at Africa, one of the major problems is a lack of building skills. I think men of any group find women with genes their racial group need, more attractive by instinct. Jewish men seem to crave Asian women, but why? The Jewish gene pool already has a lot of genes for high abstract and high verbal intelligence, but is below average in spatial skills. Asians have a mix of high abstract and high spatial intelligence, so what Jews need is in the Asian gene pool to improve their own gene pool. Jewish women don't do it, but Asian cuties do. This need to balance gene traits runs in all sorts of groups. Italians are gifted with a lot of artistic ability, but, because of this, the right brain rules more than its fair share of social rule in Italy. Thus the crime problems. Also, it is next to impossible for Italy to collect its taxes. The most artistic nation in Europe is also the most divided against itself. Italian men instinctively sense a need for more left brain genes to help cement social order in Italy to combat this internal problem. Resulting in a taste for Jewish women because of their higher than average language abilities. Creative emotionally intelligent black women attract less creative Asian males or blonde men looking for emotional intelligence. There might be a type of beauty attraction which measures not genetic material for outstanding abilities, but for the general balancing of genes in groups. An instinctive drive to seek genes the group gene pool needs to strengthen itself. Mixing different populations should be done as carefully as mixing batches of different chemicals. There is a science to it. It just isn't obvious yet. Certain groups have a stronger bonding than others. Indians like walking in large groups, whites usually don't. As a strength, whites can welcome other races into their group the easiest. What other race mixes so well with other races? Who better than whites to let others, not of their kind, to mate and live with them? Does China, India, or any Muslim nation do it as well? With them, if you want to live with them, it is, don't expect equal treatment. But these groups do expect equal rights from whites in Europe and North America. Why? Because they sense they can demand it from whites. Because the instinct in whites is to accept wider differences within their own group. Cultural poisoning can infect this ability with prejudice, but for that to take place, you must brainwash whites into believing the other group is biologically inferior. Once that emotional barrier is eradicated acceptance is easier. Why do I get into all this? These are weapons of war for Satan. He uses this information for implementing his plans against God. Muslims demand no prejudice against them in Europe and North America. They even riot and burn cities over it in Europe. They demand to preserve their ways in Europe, really demanding the fruits of right brain products, the inventions and life style they didn't invent on their own. Not the fruits of the left brain, book smarts, but the fruits and inventions of those who like building with their hands. In book learning they are pretty much the same, only when you look at their knack for invention and for original song writing, do the differences show up. But when they control a nation they riot for the right to murder a teacher who went to teach and help their poor because she misnamed a doll. What the hell is that? What they exploit is the major weakness of whites. That whites will stretch their tolerance for differences to such a point, it sometimes goes from a strength to a weakness. When a group is genetically geared for natural differences, the gene pool of the group adapts its own social behavior to accommodate wider differences in cultural behavior. To tolerate more from within itself as a nation. So it becomes possible for an outside group to move into Europe, to riot, to live better than they did in own their native land, to burn cars, to commit more crime, but demand greater protection under the law than they would ever grant to outsiders in their own native land. And if it wasn't for a greater tolerance for wider behavior in Europe, this would be unthinkable. How many illegal Mexicans clamor for their rights in America, but make sure people seeking work in Mexico from their southern nations are jailed for being illegal? This tolerance is sensed by other groups, exploited. How many can imagine this occurring with other racial mixes? Can you envision African blacks rioting and burning cars in China? In India? In Japan? In Korea? And if you can envision it, can you envision the response to it in those countries? Wouldn't be tolerant would it? This is the weakness of whites. They are so used to assimilating other races into their own, and becoming stronger for it, bettering their overall gene pool, that they fail to notice when the process doesn't work. This is simple. The ratio of assimilation among populations has to be at a certain rate. Depending on various factors. How strong is the average bonding of the new group? How strong is the social bonding of the group they are mixing into to? What is the population ratio of the two groups? What stresses and how strong are they for mixing and not mixing the two groups? How wide apart are the average left brain and right brain mental activities among the two groups? How wide apart is their average intelligence? When the differences are close, the best minds will find it easier to biologically mix. When the two groups are far apart, it is harder for the best to mix. If the mixing occurs, how will it affect the average mental abilities of the native population? Will it enhance progress or hinder it? Will cultural values lessen? The factors of mixing are limited, not so hard to figure out. Take Germany. It invents a lot of its technology from the people who are good with their left and right brains. German engineering wouldn't be any better than Indian engineering if their population was only strong with their left brain. So if they mix with Muslims more and more, slowly bringing down their average right brain abilities, will their capacity for machine building lessen? How could it not? And isn't this a good sneak attack plan on Europe? And wouldn't it be a natural instinct for a group who thinks the West is their enemy, to take away biologically, the key abilities which gives the West their strength over them? If you can't beat an enemy from without, you might think of beating them from within, making sure when you live among the stronger group, you preserve the bonding of your group, making sure the hatred for the dominant group doesn't lessen. This is a key test to see if the assimilation process is truly working. If the smaller group insists on its rights and makes excuses to hate the larger group then it is really at war. And the war has gone biological. A war between two gene pools, barely conscious to the minds so far above them. Especially not conscious in politically correct politicians , who are trained to think in terms of votes and securing their political power base. Wouldn't it be nice to draft scientists for a couple of years to take political power? A brain draft for the good of society. But back to Muslims. This is why Muslims crave blondes more than pretty Jewish women. They already have genes for strong left brain activity in their population. They just haven't educated most of them. But blondes? The strong mechanical abilities of the right brains eludes their gene pool and the fruits of such mechanical ability. Thus they can hate the West, but can bed a blonde woman rather easy. Satan can enter a mind filled with hate, or he can enter a mind with a very strong right brain, trying hard to not let the left brain in that person defeat his plans. Wasn’t Bill Laden good at reading blue prints? He was an easy mind for Satan to invade. Satan can also invade a mind in high Jewish priesthood. How? Inside God’s mind is the global effort of regulating and organizing world labor. Also in his mind is the knowledge that his effort is only good if he organizes it in a fair way. So how does Satan fight God? He corrupts these two impulses from God in some minds of Jewish priesthood. He makes them believe Jews are of more value than non Jews, and makes sure, Jews unfairly get more than their fair share of earnings from labor. Then this information of unfairness leaks out to other right brains, telepathically, around the world. Knowing this information will slowly accumulate into growing hatred for Jews. But helping to hold back this accumulation of hatred with corrupt PC correctness. Until it builds to a point when he bursts the dam. When he is ready to strike. Satan fuels his strikes with hatred. Packs a stronger punch. This weakness of the West might be fatal to its cultural strengths. But I sense in no way, will Asian cultures allow Muslims to take them over, from without or from within. They'll trade with them. They'll buy their oil as long as they need it. But biologically mate with them to the point they'll lose their mental right brain advantages? No way. They'll kill them first. This is what Satan wants to use against Muslims. He will play this card someday, but not yet, it is still too soon. But what happens when a black street kid who loves drugs and is into crime, and cares for no one else, awakens his left brain when he turns to the Muslim religion? He can discover group identity for the first time with sincere passion; he can educate himself, and take to following rules for the first time in his life, to possibly become a leader of his people. Like Malcolm X did. Satan wants, needs, a nation under his influence with superior technology. He needs them under tight political control. He needs the population to distrust other nations, to see them as dangerous to their national interests. He needs a nation who might think it can afford to win a major war. Thinking North Korea, are we? If they do win, what does the winning group do with the losers? How does a winner gene pool preserve itself? It has to weaken competing gene pools . Best way? Take away weapon making capabilities from competing gene pools. And under educate them. Hitler didn't get these ideas from his own brain . They were put there by Satan. Every Antichrist is used by him for his own goals. They're his major human pieces on a chess board playing against God. But first he must drown their minds in hatred. A poisoned soul is so much easier to use. Since Satan wants only one winning gene pool to live in, he has plans to wipe out blacks, Jews, and other groups he considers dangerous to his long term interests . Ever notice how Hitler didn’t stop his genocide goals with just Jews? Then came the gypsies, then gays, then blacks, then most Poles, then who else if he had won? In Africa he tries to put corrupt leaders into power. He doesn't want Africa to pick itself up. He wants strong right brain control, but only if it is mixed with nearly as strong left brain activity under it. Like it was in Germany. Like it is where today? You figure out where he might want to go. Not so hard. To him, as blacks are today , he considers them pretty much useless for his larger goals, therefore expendable. Because Satan wants blacks gone off the face of the earth, he is pushing genocide impulses in African tribes. He is pushing their crime off the scale in Africa. Working every angle he can, to reduce their population in Africa. He works against their ability to socially organize to prevent them from stabilizing Africa. He makes blacks riot in Europe. Makes political leaders so corrupt in Africa they enrich themselves even if their own people starve to death. And tries to corrupt many of its American politicians. He makes Muslims hate the West instead of trying to mimic them. Making sure they head into a cultural suicide war against the West before they can adapt the strengths of the West. If they adapted then they would survive and multiply, exactly what he doesn't want. So he invades the mindsets of their extreme radicals. Satan will play the peace maker in the short run? Why? He can either hold back or enrage group hatred in populations. So he holds back white group hatred, hoping, the aversion against blacks and Muslims builds in Europe. Like pushing on an emotional spring until it recoils in the opposite direction. From within, he makes blacks riot from France to Sweden. Then, when a critical threshold is reached in Europe, Satan will finally unleash a movement against Muslims in Europe, like he did against Jews in Europe. But he has to plan the moment carefully, and has to put the right people in political power before he bursts an emotional dam holding back accumulated hatred. When he builds group hatred as he is doing it in Europe, it will be felt by psychics first, when the hatred amasses enough, even by regular people. Then, and only then, will it explode. When it is politically unstoppable. I suspect he'll want a European army first. Uniting all Europeans under one command first. Many things Hitler wanted, he didn't hatch out of his own mind, but from Satan's. Satan needs America, Canada, and Europe ripped apart from within, so he can show the Chinese that mixing with other races is dangerous to them. So they can someday justify never helping or transferring technology to others. As he planned to keep Germany’s superior technology to itself in the past, he is also planning for China to horde it in the future. So lesser feelings of technological entitlement are already being felt in China. So ripping off entertainment media, stealing technological secrets, and hacking into sensitive American computer systems is given subtle governmental approval. This is a bad sign. How about it? Do Americans feel like America is being culturally ripped apart?